Express Delivery Service Manila (24/7 & Holiday)

Express Delivery Service Manila

The hustle and bustle of the city and suburbs can be a daily grind throughout the year. How about adding in December and its Holiday season? Along with all the shoppers scrambling during shopping sprees for gifts in stores and online, there is a shipping spree that takes place and beefs up logistics movement to a more massive and quicker pace.

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While most larger logistics companies don’t offer express delivery or need to fill vehicles to maximum capacity before movement and can be overbooked, Transportify handles express delivery in a timely and efficient manner and provides real customer convenience. It has been named the “Uber of Deliveries,” making Transportify your 24/7 worry-free delivery service Manila.

Pick Your Partner

Transportify is the leading freight shipping and delivery service Manila with an extensive vehicle fleet selection to fulfill all sizes and shapes of goods. The best part is you only pay for the type of vehicle you need and the distance of the delivery: no handling fees and other taxes. You can check out below the full vehicle list and their base price.

Battling Delays

Time is money, and lacking time can be costly. It is always best to know your service and its offered services to have your goods shipped, tracked, and delivered. Most giant logistics companies tend to pick up customers’ packages from a location such as a post office or a set store where those services are offered. This creates a type of delay similar to being stuck on the main road waiting for a red light to turn green instead of taking a smaller, quicker, alternate path to avoid that bottleneck traffic.

Take the alternate path by shipping your packages with the Uber of Deliveries. Ready, set, done! Transportify’s app not only an “on-demand” type of platform; it offers 24/7 express same day delivery with flexible scheduling options for immediate or scheduled deliveries that guarantee your packages arrive at their destinations on time and efficiently. Transportify is not your average delivery service Manila, and they adapt to the seasonal demand!

Preparing for the Peak Holiday Season

Whether for your business needs or the holiday spirit, it is always best to stay ahead of the game, so be prepared. However, being prepared means there is still the potential of running into last-minute roadblocks. Some of those roadblocks may include the delivery of unexpected business documents, a damaged gift sent to a friend, colleague, or relative or your package being sent to a wrong location, forcing it not to be delivered on time to its respective destination. Do not be hesitant or reluctant when sending your packages even in the holiday season and choose express delivery service this Christmas. Be prepared!

To avoid these types of transportation delays, use Transportify’s extra services delivery feature to ship your packages with ease and peace of mind knowing that they can be tracked and delivered successfully without any hassle. Transportify’s user-friendly same day delivery app for Android or iOS is the start of your logistics solution needs. The table below shows the standard rate for Manila and Pampanga so you can fully prepare yourself in advance.

FleetPrice starts atSize
10w  Wing VanP7,500L: 32 ft x W: 7.8 ft x H: 7.8 ft
Long Pickup TruckP4,850L: 18 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open
6w Fwd TruckP4,850L: 18 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 7 ft
Mini Dump TruckP1,500 (Metro Manila)
P1,200 (Other areas)
L: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open

Closed Van
P1,800 (Metro Manila)
P1,450 (Other Areas)

+ P300
L: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 6 ft

with extra space (6W)
L: 14 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 6 ft

Pickup Truck
P1,800(Metro Manila)
P1,450 (Other Areas)


L: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open

with extra space

L: 14 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open

L300/VanP430 (Metro Manila)
P330 (Other Areas)
L: 7 ft x W: 4 ft x H: 4 ft

P120 (Metro Manila)
P90 (Other Areas)


L: 3.5 ft x W: 2 ft x H: 2.5 ft

with extra space (SUV/MPV)

L: 5 ft x W: 3.2 ft x H: 2.8 ft

Use Transportify for the Busiest Holiday Season

Throughout the year, every business’s sales skyrocket during the holiday season. As such, they face a significant challenge of having to accommodate orders and deliveries as fast as they could.

Most delivery service Manila is closed during the holidays. So, what is the best option for you to provide an in-demand service during the busiest time of the year?

Express delivery service

Unlike most delivery service Manila, Transportify is available anytime and anywhere – even during the holidays. You can avail of its services via its mobile applications that are accessible in both iOS and Android users. So, for deliveries scheduled during a holiday such as Christmas, Labor Day, and Independence Day, you would not have to worry about delayed deliveries with Transportify’s express delivery courier services.

In addition to its express delivery, Transportify also has other delivery service services that can accommodate any needs for your business during this busy season. Check the following services.

Restocking of Inventory

A holiday worry for most businesses is the restocking of inventory. It was found that 34% of companies have a delay in shipments due to the sale of products that were not in stock. If you want to avoid this dilemma, then it is better to make sure that your inventory is in full stock.

With numerous orders during the holiday, your crew may not be enough to do all the inventory. Also, a majority of them will be on their day off during the holidays. So, to make sure that your list is stocked on time, use Transportify’s logistic fleet.

Transportify serves clients even during the holidays and does more than just express delivery. It also has trucks and vans that can accommodate your restocking needs and have your inventory ready during the holidays.

Door to door delivery service

Your customers would want to spend time with their family during the holidays. The last thing that they would want is to pick up their orders. Already more than half of retailers have a door to door delivery options, and the other half is planning to provide it in the incoming years. That is why a door to door delivery service Manila should be an option that you provide.

With Transportify, you can avail of an express delivery right at your customer’s doorstep. It even has the option to track and trace your package in express delivery. You need not even worry if the delivery is scheduled for a holiday because Transportify is available all around the year.


What Are the Characteristics of the Right Delivery Service?

A business should not only engage in a delivery service Manila just because they are available during the holidays. They must also meet specific standards and characteristics to do them an excellent delivery service. To help you know what makes a service suitable, here are the top three qualities that you should look for.

1Efficient time management

For a busy time, such as the holiday season, streets become active, and traffic becomes congested. As such, an excellent delivery service Manila would know how to effectively manage their time and navigate through the traffic to get the deliveries on time.

2Readily available

Last minute deliveries should not be a problem for an excellent delivery service. The holiday season sees an increase of express delivery due to an eleventh hour shopping or a gift that was not sent out. As such, a delivery service Manila should be available around the clock with express and door to door deliveries.

3Reasonable price

You do not have to break the bank to accommodate all your customer’s orders. A delivery service should not only be efficient and convenient, but it must also be affordable. Their services must be of fair value and one that is reasonable.

Transportify meets all the characteristics for a cargo delivery service Manila. You have to worry less because Transportify is now available in different areas of the Philippines. As a premium delivery service, Transportify now offers its services even during the holiday season.

Transportify’s delivery service services can be availed of by downloading the mobile application, which is found in both iOS and Android products. Now, you do not have to be stressed about the demands of the holiday because Transportify will make your business better and more comfortable to handle with its express delivery service Manila.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I maximize express delivery for my business?

? You first have to consider if the express kind of delivery is the right type for your business. If it is, that’s the time you will decide on which logistics company to choose from. The second thing is to determine which vehicle class is the right one for you. Always consider a size larger, only if you are not sure if the cargo would fit. It is better to have an allowance than to have your delivery all cramped in a storage. Another way to maximize your express delivery is to use the same vehicle for deliveries that have drop off points within each other. This can utilize the car more, save cost, and maximize the time. These are some of the features that an ideal logistics service should provide. Always know your logistics provider and seek help to optimize every delivery.

What are the available express delivery service Manila during the holiday?

? Most logistics services operate even during the holidays. One reason is that the main roads are less busy during this time. Some events happen during holidays, they too, need logistics. The logistics industry, in a nutshell, is busy every day. Minor to significant operations involve logistics. Even Transportify has drivers who accept delivery during these times. Some drivers prefer working on these occasions willingly. You can trust your logistics needs with Transportify even on holidays.


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