Transportify Offers Interisland Trucking Services Enabling Nationwide Reach

Transportify Offers Interisland Trucking Services Enabling Nationwide Reach

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Aug 25, 2021

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Transportify, the country’s largest app-based logistics platform extends their reach to key cities in Visayas and Mindanao by offering interisland trucking services, which utilizes ferry boats, more commonly known as ROROs, to move trucks across bodies of water. This is a quick and direct way to move cargo across the country. For example, from Luzon, it would take an average of 2-3 days to reach final destinations in the Visayas and 4-5 days to reach final destinations in Mindanao.

Logistics is one of the biggest challenges in the Philippines to its archipelago geography. With the Philippines’ 7107 islands, businesses constantly face many challenges to ensure management of operations on a national scale is achieved efficiently. Movement of goods and people is cumbersome and costly, affecting all companies operating in the Philippines and not just logistics. Transportify aims to use technology to help address this issue.

Vehicles Available: Wide Selection of Vehicles That Can Provide Interisland Service

Customers can book most of Transportify’s standard vehicle types for interisland service, specifically the following: L300/Van, Closed Van, 6w Fwd Trucks and 10w Wing Vans. Transportify already has thousands of logistics partners with these types of delivery vehicles operating in its app, eager to serve your interisland delivery needs.

Benefits of Interisland w/ Transportify: Real-Time Tracking, 24/7 CS, Flexible Payment

There are many trucking companies offering interisland service. Some big, some small. Most will charge expensive rates if you are not a regular customer of theirs and none will provide you with real-time updates or 24/7 CS.

With Transportify, it’s different. Any company, big or small, or individual who books interisland trucking service with Transportify will enjoy the following standard benefits:

1.) Real-Time GPS tracking
2.) Real-Time in-app chat with the driver of the truck
3.) 24/7 Customer Service
4.) Flexible payment options. Cash, bank transfer, credit card or invoice (for corp accounts)

Routes and Rates: More Routes at Affordable Rates

Transportify has thousands of routes and rates available instantly via the mobile app. But, in general, they can be defined as follows:

1.) Pickup from anywhere in Luzon, for delivery to the following locations:

  • Luzon Islands – Mindoro
  • Visayas Islands – Cebu Island, Negros (inc. Bacolod/Dumaguete), Panay (inc. Iloilo, Caticlan/Boracay), Leyte (inc. Tacloban), Samar
  • Mindanao – Davao, GenSan, Cagayan De Oro, Butuan, Surigao, Zamboanga, Dapitan

2.) Pickup from Cebu, for delivery to the following locations:

  • Anywhere in Luzon
  • Visayas Islands – Cebu Island, Negros (inc. Bacolod/Dumaguete), Panay (inc. Iloilo, Caticlan/Boracay), Leyte (inc. Tacloban), Samar
  • Mindanao – Dapitan and Zamboanga

The most common routes used and their rates are below:

To know all Transportify serviceable areas, click HERE.
To get a price quote for a particular route not mentioned above, click HERE.

Your Organization’s Digital Transformation Should Include Logistics

When we think of trucking, we don’t usually think of digital. When we think of trucking and using ferry boats, it’s normally even less digital.

The words digital transformation used to be a luxury. Then more organizations started to realize that it is a competitive advantage. However, this pandemic has made it a necessity for survival, especially for businesses which are burdened with scarcity of resources and the ever-increasing demands of customers.

Transportify has been widely available and popular in Luzon for many years. The company’s customers use it frequently for bulk deliveries across the island, enjoying the standard benefits of real-time tracking, 24/7 service, instant quotes, flexible payment options and in-app-communication with drivers. All of this technology and services come standard with Transportify at affordable rates. This will be no different with Transportify’s interisland service.

The company already has many customers using its services with the following most common uses:
1.) Delivery of equipment or spare parts from Luzon to 1 or more stores in VisMin
2.) Delivery of inventory from Luzon to 1 or more distribution centers in VisMin
3.) 2nd-leg bulk delivery from Cebu to other distribution centers in VisMin
4.) Bulk delivery of personal items

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🚛 About Transportify

Transportify operates the largest app-based marketplace logistics platform for delivery vans and trucks in Southeast Asia with operations in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. In other countries, the company is known as “Deliveree”.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What vehicles are available for interisland service?

🚚 Transportify offers 10w Wing Van, 6w Fwd Truck, Closed Van, and L300 for interisland service. Customers are encouraged to book at least 48 hours before the desired pick up time so that truckers will have enough preparation for the ferry boat transport between islands.

Where areas or routes are available for interisland service?

🚚 Transportify offers the interisland to key cities of Visayas and Mindanao from Luzon and Cebu. Some of our popular routes are from Luzon to Cebu, Davao, Oriental Mindoro, Cagayan De Oro, and Tacloban.

How much is cost of the service?

🚚 The interisland service of Transportify has a fixed price. The price are inclusive of RORO ferry fees, toll fees, and port/terminal fees.

What are the rates for interisland service?

🚚 The rate of Transportify’s interisland service varies depending on the route. The lowest rate starts at 27,000PHP from Luzon to Oriental Mindoro via an L300. You may always check our price wizard to get a particular quote for your desired route.



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