L300 Delivery Van Cargo Service Philippines (4.8 Stars)

L300 Delivery Van Cargo Service Philippines

In today’s digital era, the internet has disrupted standard in many industries, but maybe none for the retailers. Today, customers don’t need to visit any physical stores to buy the goods and items they require to purchase.

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The internet usually provides a less expensive, modern approach and a more diverse series of options when it comes to convenience. As a result, many cargo companies have been the main factor in the expansion and growth of many SMEs (Small to medium-scale entrepreneurs) over the last decades. Some of this cargo service in the Philippines utilizes several delivery vehicles to accommodate their client’s business, such as L300 delivery van, sedan, MPV/SUV, closed van, and many more.

Globally, SMEs play a pivotal and essential role in every economic prosperity and development of a particular country around the world. Thanks to the outstanding private ownership, entrepreneurial spirit, and flexibility to adapt and react to the ever-changing social trends in the business industry that helps companies to grow successfully. SMEs continue to bring sustainable growth and development in the economic world.

To become a successful SMEs, you should be partnered or get an outsourced cargo service in the Philippines as an extension of your service to your current and would-be customers. Because of the digital era, many customers have changed their perspective when it comes to deliveries.

Many of them prefer the word “convenience,” and they expect that every SMEs can provide the modern approach of giving convenience to its customers. With that being said, an SME should find the most reliable and trustworthy pinoy cargo trucking provider who can provide varieties of options, from the delivery vehicles like L300 delivery van up to its excellent customer service support.

For every business, having a reliable and excellent cargo service in the Philippines that you can trust is a good thing for your business. Not only they can transport your products, but they also help you to lessen your stress when it comes to your deliveries. You can easily book them by using a mobile application (look for the ones with at least a 4.8-star rating), and they will go right at your front door.

Transportify Offers L300 Delivery Van Cargo Services In The Philippines

In the Philippines, store owners in small towns often buy their delivery vehicles—like private cars and pickup trucks—to transfer goods from one place to another. Even businesses like school supplies stores sometimes do the same. However, buying private vehicles for delivering your products is not very practical. Store owners will spend less if they hire a third-party delivery partner here in the Philippines with a cargo service than buy a car or pickup truck to transport their products. Buying a car or pickup truck is not cheap, and you have to spend money continuously on the vehicle’s upkeep and fuel expenses after paying the full price. We do understand, however, that SMEs are wary of finding a third-party logistics partner with an expensive fleet and pricing offer, which drives them away from considering looking for a business partner. It is a good thing that Transportify is very transparent about their pricing, with a customizable delivery service and an L300 delivery van for a reasonable price that business owners can adjust according to their budget.

Save On Cost With Transportify

Transportify, an on-demand app that helps you book an l300 delivery van to transport cargo is always available for download. Download the app (4.8-star) today and try the cargo service yourself.

Moreover, when it comes to delivering supplies, Transportify L300 van for delivery is a great choice. It is big enough to accommodate bulk quantities of notebooks, paper rims, boxes of pens, art supplies, and more as it can contain a total volume of 3.3 cubic meters. It is also strong enough to carry up to 1,000 kg of supplies. With its sliding windows and built-in suspension, it can protect the products from rain and road bumps.

L300 van rentals details below:

Capacity and PricingRates
Standard Rate₱430
+ ₱27/km

DimensionLength: 8ft
Width: 4.5ft
Height: 4.5ft
Additional Destination₱40 per new drop-off
₱80 per new drop-off for Long/100

Transportify also recently launched the FB Type Van extra service option for L300/Van delivery. You may request an FB Type vehicle for your delivery needs on the extra services section of the application. This free option gives slightly more space for goods using its box-shaped body.

The Rise of SMEs

Small to medium-scale entrepreneurs are undeniably taking the stage in small towns and cities. Back then, the Philippines is only familiar to local stores. But now, small-to-medium entrepreneurs or SMEs are taking the initiative in establishing their own business, especially within areas that are a bit far from local major shopping malls. Slowly but surely, cargo truckers are needed to transport products to and fro these places.

Undeniably, businesses like school supplies stores, albeit small-scale, needs a delivery fleet to transfer goods from the supplier to the store, or from the store to a storage area for unsold seasonal goods.

Transportify Your Business

Availing a Transportify L300 van for delivery by enrolling under the Corporate Account for Business also gives you on-demand delivery app privileges that ordinary users cannot access. You can monitor the history of your business deliveries with complete vehicle and driver-partner details. Your goods will also be subjected to Insurance/Warranty Policy and other Business Program benefits.

Transportify believes that local small-to-medium enterprises that do not have a budget as big as major businesses have the right to a quality logistics service provider.

Importance of Cargo Forwarders to Many SMEs

Now, if you are still not convinced about having an outsourced cargo forwarder, here are the following benefits you can get if you get partnered with a reliable cargo service provider like Transportify:

1Delivery Speed

Not every SME can afford the expenses of maintaining efficient delivery technology, which includes GPS-optimized tracking services, L300 delivery van, point of sales devices, tracing mobile application, and other necessities that supports speedy delivery.

On the other hand, an outsourced cargo service provider like Transportify provides and combines its expertise in the delivery industry. It utilizes its knowledge of the shortest and fastest route together with modern technologies to transport items and packages to SME customers, with incredible speeds.

Not only they can provide fast deliveries, but you can assure that all of the packages and your products will be delivered to your customers safe and secured. Moreover, many cargo service in the Philippines companies incorporates professionalism and delivery speed as the core of their trademarks in the cargo industry. Hence, you can be confident that all of your deliveries will get to its rightful destination timely and secured.

2Affordable Delivery Expenses

Most of the time, SMEs will do and try anything for the success of their business. They think that an in-house delivery service is more valuable and cheaper than an outsourced cargo forwarder. Unfortunately, this decision is not always right.

If you’re just a business start-up, you probably don’t have any budgets to accommodate additional costs for labors, staff, and delivery vehicles. Not only that, but you may also need to invest in purchasing tracking devices, systems, customer service supports, and mobile applications for the convenience of your consumers.

Having an outsourced cargo forwarder, you don’t need to worry about adding your staff’s additional compensation, and other expenses because most cargo service in the Philippines companies provides these kinds of services for the convenience of both SMEs and their customers. Moreover, the courier service provider only hires the best and highly-skilled staff, uses modern technologies for tracking, provides a mobile application to track any parcels, and offers a reasonable price for any services.

3Time Management

One of the most notable importance of an outsourced cargo forwarder for SMEs is the energy and time conservation that most businesses should need. As they are experts and professionals in what they do, courier companies give SMEs a lot of time that the others would spend on delivering packages to customers.

On the other hand, SME staff and employees can now focus more on their primary duties instead of getting involved in the customer fulfillment process. Courier services can give you additional time and resources to focus mainly on the heart of your business, productivity, profitability, and efficiency. All of these are the elements of a successful brand’s success journey.

With all of these in mind, I hope you can decide better on finding the best cargo trucker. Better yet book Transportify and see why we have an average 4.8-star rating.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find an L300 delivery van?

🚚 Carousell is an online listing site where you can find individuals who offer their L300 for rent at different prices but be wary as they usually don’t provide insurance coverage on your goods. Transportify is a great alternative when looking at an L300 delivery van with its affordable pricing and coverage on the products that will be delivered. You just need to access our mobile or web app to enjoy using our L300 service. Try booking now!

How much does cargo services in the Philippines cost?

🚚 Top logistics company charge around P3,000 as the cheapest rate and doesn’t include additional fees like taxes, pickup and handling fees, and others. Transportify, on the other hand, is charged only on the type of vehicle and distance of the delivery, making them up to 40% cheaper with no hidden charges. You can book an L300 / Van for only P430 +27/km. Learn more.


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