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4 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing the Right Courier Service

Nowadays, businesses are taking full advantage of offering express courier services by having a third-party freight shipping company available to them, as opposed to investing in a fleet of their own. This opened up the opportunity to be flexible when servicing customers while being cost-efficient. One of the top 2020 Manila delivery service company choices for business is Transportify.

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Delivery & logistics is in Transportify’s DNA. Transportify is a Metro Manila delivery service company & logistics provider that offers express delivery & trucking services. Our services are tailor-fitted for whatever business in Metro Manila. Offering flexible and customized services, depending on the needs of your business. We are doing all of these to be the top choice company for business in Metro Manila in 2020 when it comes to express Manila delivery service services.

Before you partner up with cheap freight shipping services, you must ensure that they can meet your expectations and match the standard of service that you need. Let’s look at these four important things that businesses considered before making their decision to use Transportify:

Common Logistics Questions that Transportify Answers

1Will my packages be delivered on the same day?

Same-day delivery service is essential and should be one of the first things that you look for when selecting a courier service. It’s nice to have the option, at the very least. Check out Transportify’s options for same-day Manila delivery service below:

Delivery Services Offered by Transportify:

  • Quick Immediate pick-up within one hour anywhere within our Standard Service Area in Manila and Pampanga.
  • Schedule Book up to two weeks before the pick-up time anywhere within our Standard Service Area.
  • Full Day 10 hours of freight shipping service with unlimited distance and destination within our Standard Service Area at a flat price.
  • Fixed Price Route provincial delivery service at a fixed price. Available for pick-up within our Standard Service Area in Manila and Pampanga.

Visit our website for more details about our Intra City and Fixed Price Route fleet and prices. To give you a quick summary of our Transportify freight shipping rates, here’s a table below:

Vehicle TypeDimensions/
Weight Limits
Base Price
(Metro Manila)
Base Price
(Outside Metro Manila)
Base Price
wing-van-iconWing Van 32 to 40 x 7.8 x 7.8 ft
12000kg to 28000kg
7000 PHP6500 PHP6500 PHP
6w-fwd-truck-icon6w Fwd Truck18 x 6 x 7 ft
4850 PHP4850 PHP4850 PHP
closed-van-iconClosed Van10 to 14 x 6 x 6 ft
2000kg to 4000kg
1600 PHP1450 PHP1450 PHP
open-truck-iconOpen Truck10 to 21 x 6 ft x open
2000kg and 7000kg
2300 PHP1950 PHP1950 PHP
l300-van-iconL300/Van8 x 4.5 x 4.5 ft
415 PHP374 PHP335 PHP
small-pickup-iconSmall Pickup5 x 5 ft x open
418 PHP338 PHP325 PHP
light-van-iconLight Van5.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 ft
375 PHP292 PHP275 PHP
mpv-iconMPV/SUV5 x 3.2 x 2.8 ft
240 PHP210 PHP160 PHP
sedan-iconSedan3.5 x 2 x 2.5 ft
220 PHP190 PHP140 PHP

2Is tracking your courier important?

In search of the most appropriate app for freight shipping services, you will encounter some that do not offer the option to track your packages in real-time. When asked, ‘is tracking your delivery important?’ – some would argue that the customer needs to ‘manage their time better.’

We’re inclined to agree that customers should be able to place an order and forget about it instead of watching their package move from A to B. However, the state-of-the-art tracking system that we provide serves a wide range of functions. With this app for courier services, it’s easier to see precisely where your valuable item is at any given time. It is also a great help if a customer calls up and asks when they can expect their delivery. Transportify courier and Manila delivery service will be very happy to track your package and driver at any time.

3Is customer care paramount?

Look for a company that shares similar values as you. If you’re going to outsource your product deliveries to a third-party freight shipping service, then you need to make sure that they can be relied on to treat your customers with respect.

Do your research and get as much feedback as you can before rushing in and making any decisions. Understand that the company delivering your products will mostly be representing you. If you want to uphold and maintain a positive brand image and be seen as offering nothing but the highest standard of service, you’re going to need your freight shipping company on board as well.

4Is cheaper the better?

You know the answer to this question, so we’ll keep it brief: Weigh it up and look at what you’re going to get for your money. If you can track your packages in real-time, you can get same-day delivery, don’t, and you are confident that all items will be delivered with a smile and the highest standard of care; then, you’re better off spending that little bit extra. Going for cheap freight shipping services isn’t always the best, particularly if it ends up to the detriment of your reputation.

There you go! So you know what to look for when choosing the right Manila delivery service this 2020, but where can you find them? The top choice is right in front of you, look no further than Transportify courier! You can always rush in, select the first courier that catches your eye, and then end up making a costly mistake or partner with Transportify and get high quality and reliable Manila delivery service you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of Same-Day Manila Delivery Service & Freight Shipping

The same-day Manila delivery service is one of the most requested logistics services here in Manila, Philippines. Retailers, online sellers, and suppliers use this freight shipping delivery service as one of their shipping strategies.

However, there’s still an enormous ignorance about the same-day delivery service and its advantages for consumers and business owners. In the past few years, the reduction in delivery times has given a massive impact in the eCommerce industry.

6 out of 10 businesses have chosen to offer the same-day Manila delivery service in 2019 here in Manila. Also, other surveys and statistics have proven that this kind of freight shipping service has a strong demand in the eCommerce industry. Moreover, almost 5 out of 10 online consumers say that having same-day delivery as a shipping option is an additional factor when buying. Thus, many logistics companies in the Philippines have adapted to this growing demand in the eCommerce industry. Many of these shipping giants also offer the same day delivery service, especially here in Manila, where most of the eCommerce warehouse is located. Not only is this useful for big eCommerce platforms, but it is also beneficial to small business owners and retailers who have their platform when it comes to online selling.

So without further ado, for you to take the new step as a eCommerce and logistics freight service provider, here are the following benefits of same-day delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

Everybody loves convenience. Here in Manila, most shoppers don’t have the patient to wait for additional days for the package to arrive at their destination. Since a lot of retailers and companies are located in Manila, they expect that they will get the package earlier than usual.

Because of that, same-day Manila delivery service is an essential added value in the eCommerce industry that brings more customers to the business owners.

Increase Shipping Savings

The same-day delivery service is possible because of the usage of local messaging services. Unlike with other shipping and logistics giants, these services are less expensive, which means that the sales cycle has a cheaper cost for most business owners.

The money that has been saved with the usage of same-day delivery can be invested in other marketing related activities. For example, you can have promotional items on sale or give more discounts to your customers, which can foster customer loyalty in the long run.

Building Trust

Another benefit that you can get if you chose to have a same-day delivery shipping option in your business is the impact on consumer confidence. Many business owners have a severe problem with the delivery of their products. Because most of their suppliers are located outside of the country. What are the results? Your customers will receive their package in two to three weeks.

Remember, delayed deliveries can lead to mistrust. If they find the right product and pay for it on the spot, and yet the seller should not be able to deliver the item on time will lead to disappointment.

So, when a business offers same-day freight shipping option, your customers may feel that you care about them. And this is where it gains confidence and trust in the company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a freight shipping service for business?

📦Third party logistics companies like Grab Express, Lalamove, and Transportify, are ideal for SMEs. They can handle your deliveries efficiently with the help of their app. Grab Express and Lalamove are commonly used for parcels and small packages to be delivered fast. Transportify, on the other hand, is trusted by businesses that make use of their larger vehicles that are also efficient for fixed price route deliveries. The app to choose will depend on your business needs.

What makes the Manila delivery service reliable?

📦A delivery service is safe if it provides transparency to its customers and a clear explanation of its services. It is crucial for customers to feel assurance for their needs. One factor includes open communication between the deliverer and the customer. This makes customers trust the service provider. For the Manila delivery service, it is a growing trend for online businesses. This also helped the increase of delivery services in Manila.


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