10 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Send Through Transportify

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‘Tis the season to gift the people who gifted us with life—our moms! Have you thought of the perfect gift for your mom yet? Transportify has a list of suggested gifts that will make your mom happy this Mother’s Day!

#10 Flowers

Despite the practice of giving flowers to one’s own mom being too common, it never lost its flare. In fact, flower shops and florists even become more inventive with Mother’s Day bouquets by adding stuffed toys and candies into the mix. To make sure that your flower gift to your mom will stay as pretty as her, consider using Transportify’s flower delivery service, where bouquets are comfortably seated in air-conditioned delivery vehicles.

#9 Cosmetic Products

Is your mom the glam girl type? Then cosmetic products are one of the ways to her heart. Be sure to get only high-quality makeup powders, lipsticks, eyeliners, and brushes to avoid any unpleasant skin or allergic reaction. Do not forget to remind her that she is beautiful even without makeup!

#8 Perfume & Body Lotion

The nice thing about giving perfume and body lotion as gifts is that they already come in gift boxes. Certain perfume ad lotion brands put effort in their packaging, so you do not have to worry about the boxing and the wrapping.

#7 Stylish Bags & Purses

No matter how old your mom is, bags and purses are the kinds of gift that she cannot say no to. Bags and purses are one of the basic needs of women—a place to put everything they need when they go out. A stylish bag or purse, of course, is more preferable.

#6 Chocolates & Cupcakes

You can bake or make chocolates and cupcakes for your mom if you can, or buy one instead (although it would really be sweeter if you bake them yourself). No matter what you choose, be sure to deliver them to her address using courier service providers that are expert on food delivery service.

#5 Customized Jewelry

Anyone can give jewelries to anybody, but not everyone will make an effort to find his or her mom’s spirit animal and turn it into a jewelry, or find a goldsmith that can turn your “Love You Mom” handwriting into a pendant. Customized jewelries are really heartwarming little things if you think about it.

#4 Framed Portrait

We are in the high-technology era where selfies and digitally edited photos roam everywhere. So imagine your mom’s surprise if one of her photos got turned into a painting or charcoal portrait! Not only is it personal, but it sure beats the digitally developed photos hanging on her wall.

#3 Health Planner

Our moms are not getting any younger. Tell your mom how much you love her by showing how much you care for her health as she approaches the old age. Make sure she gets the right diet and exercise that can help prevent illnesses caused by old age. Health is wealth, after all.

#2 Handmade Gifts

One of the best gifts a child can give to his or her mom are gifts personally made by the child. It can be socks you knitted; a pot, mug, or vase you made from clay; or homemade scented candles you made yourself.

#1 Your Love

Of course, you cannot physically transport your love through Transportify’s on-demand delivery app or through any other delivery app. But by sending your mom gifts during Mother’s Day, you let her know how much she means to you. No matter what gift you send, she will appreciate it as long as you send it with all your love!

If you are in a hurry to beat the Mother’s Day rush, keep calm. Transportify is known as a fast courier service provider. We will do our best to get your gift to your mom on time.


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