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How to Choose the Right Delivery Service Provider

How to Choose the Right Delivery Service Provider

There is a real element of handing over control whenever you send a package.  You find yourself putting your, sometimes very expensive, goods in the hands of complete strangers and hoping that it finds its way through several different handlers to its destination.  Surrendering control to this degree can be worrying, especially if you are sending something of great value or importance, and the internet is full of horror stories about delivery drivers mishandling packages.  So how can you be sure that your delivery driver is one of the good ones?  Well, choosing a well-respected delivery company such as Transportify is a great first step!

Check out the company

Choosing a company with a great online presence and a highly regarded reputation is a very good precaution.  This might not always result in the cheapest service around, but the reassurance that the driver is part of a respectable company should provide a good amount of peace of mind.  Most companies are proud of their standards and will often post information about their training and quality assurance processes on their websites so that customers can see that they stand by their claims.  Companies that actually care about how they are perceived will have a lot of good feedback online and will almost always respond to any negative feedback people should post about them to try and improve in the future.  This is a great benchmark of a company’s rigor and should be treated as such.

First hand experience

One of the benefits and pitfalls of using delivery companies is that you can never be 100% certain of anything until you experience it firsthand.  This is where the drivers truly come into their own as they are the face of the company that they represent, and if they do not portray a decent, honest and polite image, then the entire company suffers.  It is for this reason that all Transportify drivers wear uniform, undergo training sessions and have feedback requested against every delivery.  By using measures such as these, we (and other companies) strive to ensure that our drivers give the best possible impression of our company that they possibly can.  After all, if a driver gets a bad review then nobody wins.  The customer is not happy, the driver will not be happy and the company will not be happy, so although these situations need to be handled professionally when they occur, avoiding them is by far the best approach.

Responding to ratings and reviews is very important for any company these days, but delivery companies, in particular, are very susceptible to a bad review due to the rapid turnover and customer focused nature of the business.  Any company that doesn’t respond appropriately to any feedback, especially critical feedback, should be rethinking how they handle their customers.  It is always important to know that staying in business is a complicated tapestry that requires many facets to work, but alienating your customers is a sure-fire way to head out of business.