6w Fwd Truck

Cargo Area

L:18 ft

W:6 ft

H:7 ft

7,000 kg

21 m3

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Transportify app features

App Features

Use Transportify extra helper now if you need any help to bring your goods

1 Extra Helper

  • Select Extra Option

Select an extra option from the drop down menu for information.

You can request from your driver to bring a 2nd extra helper to assist with your booking.

400PHP for the whole duration of booking

This option will assign you to a 6w Fwd Truck that opens on the side like wings for easier loading and unloading


Add up to 15 locations per booking

Actual Distance + 500PHP per destination

Tolls & Parking fees require your pre-approval.

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6w Fwd Truck

Transportify offers the 6w Fwd Truck for on-demand transportation, ideally for intracity movements of cargo, goods and merchandise. 6w Fwd Truck is a larger version of our Closed Van truck. Learn more about the cargo weight and size limit, inclusions and price of the best freight forwarder in the market.

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