Mini Dump Truck Rental For Construction Delivery | Logistics App

Mini Dump Truck Rental For Construction Delivery | Logistics App

Transportify, a leading logistics app, offers Mini Dump Truck Rental services at an affordable rate. It is the only logistics app in the market that has mini dump trucks in its fleet of delivery vehicles. The mini dump truck, a vehicle equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to hoist the dump body, is useful when it comes to construction materials delivery since it can haul items like concrete, bricks and even gravel. Construction companies won’t have to worry about how to go about their construction materials delivery from source to site. The affordable mini dump truck rentals with excellent service from Transportify is the perfect solution. Get a price check now!

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Role of Mini Dump Trucks in the Construction Industry

The construction business is a robust and fast growing industry in the Philippines. Although experts predict a contraction in the business due to Covid-19, the construction industry is expected to bounce back rapidly in the following years. According to GlobalData, a data and analytics company, the industry’s output value for 2024 is projected to reach 75.1 Billion US dollars. Thus, there is a bright future ahead for those in the construction business.

In the Philippines, construction companies use different heavy equipment for specific operations. An important operation in any construction company is construction materials delivery. And for that purpose, the mini dump truck is the most fitting vehicle to fulfill the need. These trucks are used for transporting large quantities of concrete and bricks from the source up to the construction site. Oftentimes, these mini dump trucks make multiple rounds back and forth to complete the construction materials delivery. Because of the hydraulic cylinder which allows it to “dump” its contents quickly and safely, a mini dump truck greatly reduces the time it takes to unload construction materials from its body.

Mini dump trucks are also used when clearing a site before construction. Since these vehicles can carry loads of up to 3,500 kg (3.5 tons), they are ideal vehicles for transporting unwanted rubble or gravel to designated dump sites.

The mini dump truck rental of Transportify, a leading logistics app in the Philippines, can greatly help your construction business grow. An owner need not invest in mini dump trucks so that he can fulfill construction materials delivery requirements of his different development sites. He does not have to worry about getting the necessary permits to operate heavy machinery or train drivers for the job. He is also free from the responsibility of regularly maintaining these vehicles. By availing the affordable services of Transportify’s mini dump truck rentals, all a business owner has to do is schedule deliveries with his gadget and the leading logistics company will take care of the rest. The mini dump truck rental of Transportify is more affordable compared to the market price. And since Transportify is a logistics app, you can schedule and monitor bookings with just your mobile device or personal computer. Check the table below to see the rates and services of Transportify’s mini dump truck rental.

Mini Dump Truck FeaturesDetails
Vehicle TypeMini Dump Truck
Rate1,500 (Metro Manila) + Php 40/km
1,200 (Other Areas) + Php 40/km
The Mini Dump Truck is available
anywhere in mainland Luzon
Booking Lead Time6 Hours
Extra Helper1 Extra helper already included
Loading and UnloadingDriver and Extra helper are NOT required
to load and unload the cargo



Services of Transportify

One of the reasons why Transportify is a leading logistics app is its emphasis on delivering the best customer experience through excellent services. We take pride in our many service features that simply make Transportify the best logistics app. From construction materials delivery to Lipat Bahay operations, Transportify is ready to fulfill your requirements.

24/7 Customer Service

We understand how worrisome it is to wait a long time for a question to be resolved. Here in Transportify, our customer service personnel are ready to serve you 24/7. There is no need to wait a full day just to get a simple question answered. With this feature, all your questions can be answered right away. Even questions about our new offerings like mini dump truck rentals can be solved by our hardworking CS personnel.

Monitor the Progress of your delivery

We know you want to keep an eye on your construction materials delivery. That is why the Transportify app makes use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) which allows you to closely monitor the progress of your delivery. This “Track and Trace” feature is available for all vehicle types including mini dump trucks. Furthermore, the sender can share the status of the delivery with the receiver. By doing so, both parties are aware of the driver’s location. This is just one of many amazing features from this on-demand construction delivery company.

Chat with Driver

There might be situations in construction materials delivery where you have to communicate with the driver right away. In some cases, you might have to call the company’s landline and ask them to relay your new instructions to the driver. But with the Transportify, there is an in-app chat with the driver option which a customer can use to communicate with the delivery truck driver-partner. If the information is very urgent, one may even call the driver. This app is very useful since you can easily message the driver important questions like “Are you close by” or “What time are you expected to arrive.”

Professional Drivers

Just like in any paid service, customers always expect a high level of competency from the personnel carrying out the task. Here in Transportify, we make sure that our drivers are well trained and well equipped to handle your deliveries. We ensure that the drivers who are in charge of your construction materials delivery are professionals and have a lot of delivery experience. So whether you avail our different vehicle types like the 10 wheeler wing van or the pick up trucks, our drivers are competent to carry out your cargo transport requirements.

Transportify Business Program

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are crucial to the Philippine economy. They provide around 63% of the country’s total employment and 99% of the business establishments in the Philippines are actually MSMEs. One of the sectors under MSME is the construction industry and it is experiencing rapid growth these past few years. Report from Global Information Inc shows that the construction industry has grown by 9.4% in 2019. The government also plans to increase the industry’s contribution to the economy from Php 2.3 trillion in 2018 to Php 130 trillion by 2030. In the National Capital Region (NCR) alone, the 2018 value of constructions from approved building permits amount to 164 Billion pesos. These data show the booming construction industry and how important it is for the Philippine economy. A growing construction industry only means that construction owners get more and more projects which translates to an increase in demand for vehicles to carry out construction materials delivery.

The Transportify Business Program offers the best third party logistics delivery services at a rate that is very affordable and business friendly. Here are some services of our Business Program.

  1. No enrollment fee.
  2. We have Customer Service personnel ready to assist you at any time.
  3. Transportify offers flexible payment terms for your business. We offer postpay and prepay options.
  4. A special service in our Business Program is the Proof of Delivery (POD) and Cash on Delivery (COD) services for your transactions.
  5. Warranty of up to Php 3 Million for damaged, lost or stolen items during the booking.
  6. For handling of special packages, we have a dedicated operations process team to outline the steps to the driver who will take charge of your delivery.
  7. Have your own account manager to help you with your delivery options, bonus referral and Web dashboard.

Get ready to expand your construction business with our mini dump truck rental and avail our exclusive services by enrolling in our Business Program.

Please visit the Transportify website or email to know more about our Business Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I avail of Mini Dump Truck rental services?

🚚 Mini dump trucks are ideal vehicles to use when it comes to hauling heavy cargo construction materials like bricks, sand, and gravel. You should consider availing a mini dump truck rental service if you are in the construction business. Furthermore, it is more affordable and economical to rent mini dump trucks rather than purchasing and operating them. The added costs of parking, maintenance, and driver training make purchasing a mini dump truck an expensive choice. That is why it is better to avail of the mini dump truck rental services offered by logistics delivery companies like Transportify.

What are the advantages of using a logistics app?

🚚 Ease and convenience is a major advantage when using a logistics app. You can manage your bookings and monitor your deliveries in the comfort of your own home. One can also book anytime since all you need is your device and an internet connection. A logistics app also offers services like 24/7 customer service support to answer any queries you might have and a “chat with driver” feature which allows you to call or text the driver for any urgent information.

What are the usual items being transported in a construction materials delivery?

🚚 Construction materials delivery is essential in any construction or development site. For this operation, mini dump trucks are often used to haul materials to and from the construction site. These materials are usually bricks, concrete, gravel, and sand. Bricks and concrete are often used to provide structural support to a building. Gravel and sand are aggregates that are mixed with concrete. Furthermore, items like scaffolding structures are also included in construction materials delivery.


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