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Shipping Management Software in the Philippines | Transportify

Logistics managers in the Philippines have long been plagued with problems such as inefficient tracking and tracing of shipments, lack of communication between stakeholders, and ineffective management of resources. These problems have resulted in higher logistics costs and longer delivery times. Transportify is happy to announce that we now offer shipping management software to help address these common issues.

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What Does Shipping Management Entail?

Shipping management is the process of organizing and coordinating the transportation of goods. This includes planning, executing, and monitoring shipments—good shipping management results in an efficient and cost-effective logistics operation.

There are many factors to consider when managing shipments. These include the type of goods being shipped, the mode of transportation, the route, and the schedule. Shipping management software can help you keep track of all these factors and more.

Shipping management software is a tool that can help you automate and streamline your shipping operations. It can provide real-time updates on your shipments and allow you to track and monitor them easily. Shipping management software can also help you manage your inventory, create reports, and generate invoices.

Transportify is one of the leading shipping management software providers in the Philippines. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your shipments effectively. Our software is designed to address the common logistics problems in the local market.

If you are looking for a shipping management solution to help you improve your operations, contact Transportify today. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and provide you with a customized solution.

Business Program
Program Features
Live SupportOpen 24/7
Postpay with Monthly InvoicingAvailable
DestinationsA total of 16 destinations can be added in every booking
2.50% of invoice
Min of 80 PHP
(Flat Fee/Booking)
POD Only
80 PHP for ≤ 3 destinations
160 PHP for ≤ 10 destinations
200 PHP for ≤ 15 destinations
Insurance and WarrantyUp to 3 million PHP coverage from OONA Insurance
Nationwide Service AreaAvailable
Interisland and Same Day Trucking in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
Business Web DashboardTeam Account Management Customized Reports
Corporate Account

Shipping Management By Transportify

Smart Load Planner

Is it time-consuming and challenging to maintain numerous bookings and combine your many deliveries? Then Transportify’s Smart Load Planner was created for you!

The route planning feature saves you time and money by automating the process of creating optimized bookings. Upload the items you wish to be delivered by spreadsheet, and the Smart Load Planner will suggest the best set of bookings at a minimal cost based on your input.

To help you understand how our Smart Load Planner works, check the illustration below:

This feature is best used when:

  • You need to manage up to 300 deliveries
  • You’re having trouble combining your goods per vehicle/truck manually.
  • You have a limited workforce to work on high-volume bookings

The table below shows the features of API integration with Transportify.

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API System Integration
Get Quote
Get Quote
Create Bookings
Create Bookings
Amend Bookings
Amend Bookings
Manage Bookings
Manage Bookings
Driver Location & ETA
Driver Location & ETA
Delivery Confirmation
Delivery Confirmation

Business Accounts For High Volume Bookers

Transportify Philippines is one of the leading logistics service providers in the country. We also provide the Transportify Business Program to companies of all sizes, including large corporations and small-to-medium enterprises, who need third-party logistics delivery. Our Business Program offers not only logistics assistance but also additional perks such as:

  • Free enrollment
  • Consistent customer service
  • Flexible payment arrangement (post-pay or pre-pay)
  • Document return services (Cash on Delivery and Proof of Delivery)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Provision of professional and trained drivers
  • Extended service area in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
  • Custom standard operating procedure and equipment

Know more about our Business Program here.

How Can Shipping Management Software Help?

Logistics management is the process of organizing the transportation and storage of goods to meet customers’ needs. It involves coordinating and controlling the movement of materials from one point to another.

The role of logistics managers is to ensure that goods are delivered on time, within budget, and in good condition. They are also responsible for planning, scheduling, and coordinating all aspects of transportation.

Shipping management software can help logistics managers by:

Providing them with a tool to track and manage shipments.

There are a lot of logistics experts out there, but not all of them know how to use technology to their advantage. You can be one of those experts by providing your clients with a tool to track and manage shipments. This way, they can always know where their goods are and when they will arrive. Not only is this convenient for them, but it also shows that you are up-to-date with the latest trends in logistics.

Providing dispatchers with information about where shipments are located and when they will arrive.

In most cases, logistics experts work with dispatchers to inform them where shipments are located and when they will arrive. This allows the dispatcher to plan accordingly and ensure that the right personnel and equipment are in place to receive the shipment. It also helps to avoid delays and other problems that can occur when shipments are not properly tracked.

Providing customers tracking information so they can know when their shipment will arrive.

Delivering peace of mind by providing customers with tracking information so they can know when their shipment will arrive. With our tracking information, customers can plan and prepare for the arrival of their shipment. This way, they can be sure that their shipment will arrive on time and without any problems.

We know that the waiting game can be stressful, so we provide our customers with tracking information. This way, they can have peace of mind and know when their shipment will arrive. No more surprises or delays – just a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish.


What Are the Benefits of Using Shipping Management Software?

Shipping management software can save businesses time and money by automating many tasks involved in shipping goods. Businesses can get better rates from their shipping providers by automating quotes and bookings. Tracking features can help businesses keep tabs on their shipments, while bills of lading generation can help streamline customs clearance. Shipping management software can also help businesses optimize their warehouse operations and transportation assets.

What Features Should I Look For in Shipping Management Software?

You should consider your business’s specific needs when evaluating shipping management software.

Some important features are:

  • quote and booking automation
  • shipment tracking
  • transportation asset management
  • software’s ease of use and whether it integrates with your other business systems

How Much Does Shipping Management Software Cost?

Shipping management software prices can vary depending on the features and functionality you need. You should also factor in the cost of any integration or customization work that may be necessary to get the software up and running in your specific environment.

Regarding logistics, efficiency is key to keeping costs down and ensuring goods arrive on time. Shipping management software can help businesses automate many of the tasks involved in shipping goods, from quotes and bookings to tracking shipments and generating bills of lading.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is shipping management?

🚚 Shipping management is the process of organizing and coordinating the transportation of goods. This includes planning, scheduling, and tracking shipments to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget. Shipping management software is a tool that can be used to automate and streamline these processes.

What should businesses look for in shipping management software?

🚚 Managers should consider key factors to find the best shipping management software for their business. First, the software should be able to integrate with existing systems. This will make it easier for businesses to track shipments and manage inventory. Second, the software should offer real-time tracking. This way, businesses can see their shipments and ensure they are delivered on time. Finally, the software should be affordable and easy to use.


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