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The Big Picture: Transportify Engages with Bigger Enterprises

Transportify Engages with Bigger Enterprises

More often than not, when one hears startup supply chain logistics services or on-demand delivery app, small-to-medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) immediately comes to mind. Many people have associated on-demand delivery apps like Transportify to SMEs since bigger and larger enterprises prefer to have their own trucking systems.

However, since Transportify always aims to revolutionize the industry of courier and delivery services, it went as far as engaging with bigger enterprises like Abenson and First Pinnacle Trading Corporation. By outsourcing Transportify services, Abenson and First Pinnacle now has new solutions for its old trucking problems.

No more coding worries

Aside from the congested road traffic, plate number coding schedule and truck ban delay deliveries. Abenson used to have problems whenever they need to deliver inventory from one branch to another during days when their own trucks can’t travel due to coding. But with the Transportify app, a different delivery vehicle is just a few taps away and Abenson does not have to worry about coding anymore.

Flexibility in delivery needs

Transportify offers more than one type of vehicle models. These are classified in three groups: economy cars, L300 vans, and closed vans. Economy cars include Sedan, Hatchback, and MPV/SUV; while the options for L300 Vans include L300, HiAce, H100, and Urvan. Closed vans include Elf and Canter as budget truck rentals.

This is such an advantage since Abenson and First Pinnacle delivery items don’t always fill up a whole closed van or truck. Delivery packages that do not exceed 3 XL balikbayan boxes can fit inside an economy car, which avoids wasting unused spaces in larger vehicles.

Dodging traffic woes

How does using Transportify as your third-party logistics (3PL/3pl) partner lessen traffic woes? For one, trucks are not the only Transportify vehicle options and it’s fairly obvious that they don’t fit well in traffic jams, unlike smaller vehicles. Using economy cars for delivery tasks are not only convenient for the entrepreneurs (since smaller vehicles can squeeze through traffic unlike big trucks) but they are also road-friendly. This only means that using smaller vehicles for deliveries lessens road congestion.

Bonus: available business program

More and more local SMEs are making Transportify their 3PL, but big enterprises are also welcome to avail the Transportify Business Program where they can easily enroll. This also offers live customer support available daily, pre-pay and post-pay options, COD/POD returns, insurance/warranties, and trained business drivers.

Even big and famous enterprises need outside help once in a while, and Transportify is always willing to solve courier services problem in the Philippines by being the best on-demand delivery app. Whether you’re a small-to-medium entrepreneur or you’re working at a big enterprise that needs delivery services, just check out our How It Works and Fleet & Pricing page. To know more about us, you can watch our interview with Bloomberg TV Philippines’ Bright Ideas.