Tips on How To Develop an Effective Office Relocation Strategy

Tips on How To Develop an Effective Office Relocation Strategy

If your company is growing, you may be planning for an office relocation strategy. Here are some tips to make sure it goes smoothly. In busy cities like Metro Manila, Taguig, Cebu, Davao, and Iloilo, office space is in high demand. Downtown vacancies are also low despite rising investments in commercial buildings. Even in the provinces, rates are decreasing. Commercial migrations are increasing, but too few companies have formalized an office relocation strategy. Many of our new customers tell us their prior move was complicated, adding to the cost, stress, and misplaced or lost belongings. How can your office relocation prevent these similar relocating issues, then?

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How To Develop an Effective Office Relocation Strategy?

A successful office relocation depends on preparation and communication. It’s crucial to have an office relocation checklist in place before having an office relocation, and you should consider how to manage each step of the process. You will squander time, effort, and money if you don’t have an office relocation strategy in writing.

Read through these suggestions to develop a successful office relocation strategy.

Address a Few Important Issues

You’ll need to provide answers in advance to some inquiries, such as why you’re having an office relocation, how many individuals are departing, and why you need to relocate to the new location, among others. Important dates, deadlines, and inventory counts are key details that must be communicated beforehand.

Include the staff from the start. Make sure your staff is on board before making a significant office relocation strategy that will significantly influence their work lives. The last thing you want is to lose some of your best workers because of a major office relocation that would negatively impact everyone.

Create a Communications Plan

To communicate the office relocation, develop a communications strategy, and use various media. Ensure that partners and clients, as well as anyone else who needs to know about the office relocation, are informed. Making sure local clients are informed of the change as soon as possible should be of utmost importance if your business is customer-facing. By creating a communications plan, you may ensure everyone knows their duties and responsibilities for disseminating the relocation news.

Create A Schedule

Create an office relocation strategy timeline to divide the project into more manageable pieces. There are a few things you need to consider when making an office relocation strategy timeline, such as when you’re going to move. The transfer should ideally take place when you are least occupied during the year.

Modernize the Office Relocation Strategy and Process

Moving your company the old-fashioned way involves doing everything by hand. Your transfer can go much more quickly and effectively if you use a customer management system to assist with the office relocation process.

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Why Is It Important to Thoroughly Prepare for an Office Relocation?

Many companies are reevaluating their requirements for office relocation, particularly in light of the COVID-19 epidemic and the rise in remote work. A 2020 Fortune/Deloitte CEO survey indicated that 76% of CEOs believed their firms would require less office space in the future. At first, many projected a mass exodus from office space. However, only 5.5% of private-sector companies are cutting back on office space, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, greater telework is a consideration for businesses that intend to move.

There are many possible reasons for office relocation. It can be a reason for growth, a better ideal site, or where you’ll find a sense of belongingness.

Listed below are some of the most usual reasons for having an office relocation.

Moving Can Benefit Your Branding

One’s office might tell you something about yourself. It can express right away by its design if it is modern, eccentric, or traditional. Since outsiders can learn much about your brand from your offices, relocation is an opportunity to make others see your perception of your brand.

A company’s brand frequently evolves by its style, tone, and purpose. Moving offices allows you to instantly adjust your style to reflect the message that your firm wants to deliver.

Moving Offers You the Chance To Expand Your Business

To simplify the hiring process, it is suggested to have more space, a nicer-looking workplace, or even a better location.

A company that just moved to nicer, brighter facilities will likely wow customers. Additionally, prospective employees who immediately recognize a cultural fit with your organization might value it more. Moving, thus, demonstrates accomplishment, tenacity, and energy. You aren’t just standing still and letting your business blend in with the crowd.

Moving Can Spark New Ideas for Work Processes

Swarm intelligence, lean manufacturing, and agile and hybrid work environments might be difficult. However, the opportunities grow before the final interior design if you move. Designating areas for hot-desking, collaboration, and small groups will be easier.

Open workspaces, acoustical spaces, and staff dining areas. You’ll have a blank canvas and a new chance to express your flair. Employees can become entirely revitalized by working in a new building. Starting a new job is an excellent chance to introduce innovative and creative working methods.


Asset Movement In Time Of The Pandemic

How can relocation service help in asset movement for office equipment during the pandemic?

Relocation services can help to ensure that office equipment is moved efficiently and with minimal risk of disruption. Relocation service providers will typically coordinate asset movement, including loading, transportation, and delivery, as well as any necessary paperwork or insurance coverage.

Types of Tech Assets Offices Need To Send To Employees

  • Laptops: Whether you’re providing employees with a company laptop or helping them purchase their own, laptops are essential for remote work.
  • Smartphones: Many employees need to stay connected, even when not in the office, which means smartphones are essential tech assets.
  • Home Office Supplies: Remote employees should have the necessary office supplies to work from homes, such as a desk, comfortable chair, and other tools.
  • Headsets: To ensure employees can communicate effectively while working remotely, providing them with headsets can be helpful.
  • Wi-Fi Modems and Routers: Employees need high-speed internet connections to work remotely, so providing Wi-Fi modems and routers can be beneficial.
  • Monitors: If employees use a laptop as their main work computer, providing them with an extra monitor can help increase productivity.

Find A Reliable Moving Service To Achieve A Seamless Move

In conclusion, office relocation is a complex process that requires careful planning and consideration. It is important to consider the needs of all stakeholders involved, from the staff members to management, to ensure a successful move. Properly assessing the costs associated with moving, finding an ideal location for the new office, and developing an appropriate relocation timeline are all essential components of a successful office relocation strategy. Furthermore, consider how you’ll transport your office belongings. Do some research to find a reputable moving company with the experience required for a seamless transition.

Transportify is a moving service company specializing in lipat bahay and office relocation, providing customers with professional end-to-end service. The Transportify moving service offers additional loading/unloading services to help you customize your move.

By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each step in the process, businesses can ensure that their move is as smooth and efficient as possible. With proper planning and execution, office relocations can effectively revitalize a business’s image and increase productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can app-based moving service help in office relocation?

🚚 App-based moving services keep the process of relocation organized and secure at all times. All personnel involved in the move must provide proof of insurance, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure during transit. The app also allows you to track the truck’s location, further reducing relocation stress. You can easily book the truck and personnel from any device, regardless of location. If something goes wrong during transit or you need help planning your move, you can contact customer support staff available 24/7 to provide support.

Why is it important to have an office relocation strategy before the move?

🚚 An office relocation strategy helps you to save time and money by outlining the processes, costs, and resources required for the move. It also allows you to keep track of progress every step of the move. Aside from that, a well-planned relocation strategy ensures that your business operations are uninterrupted despite the relocation. A well-constructed strategy reduces the chances of any issue arising during the move, allowing you to focus on your core business. Finally, it can help to reduce stress and prevent unexpected costs from popping up in the future.


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