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Transportify gears up to satisfy projected online retail upsurge in Philippines

Transportify gears up to satisfy projected online retail upsurge in Philippines Main

With online retail demand projected to climb by 25 percent next year in the Philippines, Transportify is gearing up to provide a full-service package to satisfy the needs of the industry – seamlessly linking producers and consumers.

According to KMC Savills, the retail sector is expected to further outgrow other segments of the industry, expanding from 7.5 percent to 10 percent this year. The spike in the online retail industry shows a shift in consumer sentiment, with many of them seeing online purchases as more convenient especially in traffic-plagued Metro Manila. It also means that buyers now trust online retailers to deliver goods on sale in virtual stores.

Transportify will surely further boost sales, particularly with the onset of the Christmas season, by providing retailers with cheap (affordable) courier, express delivery and other logistics services.

Transportify’s package of services include online delivery, payment facilities, and reverse logistics which ensures that the customer can return goods for replacement to the retailer without the usual hassle.

Transportify’s same day package delivery has been tested successfully in its operations in Indonesia and Thailand.

One can avail of Transportify’s services by downloading its  mobile app at Google Play Stores or Apple App Stores. It also has a web app available at https://webapp.transportify.com.ph/.

The Transportify app allows customers to input the pick-up and drop-off locations. It will then be provided a calculated fee for delivery. You can select the vehicle required from its fleet of motorbikes, economy vehicles, L300s, and closed vans.  The app will match you with a nearby driver that you can expect to arrive within 75 minutes. You can even schedule deliveries up to two weeks in advance.

Another plus factor? You can save more money by selecting up to 10 drop-off points in one transaction. In addition, you will also be provided the driver’s contact information, his tracking information, and his estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Transportify may just be the solution to your business’ needs.

Know more about Transportify by browsing our website or downloading our mobile app at the Android Play or Apple App stores.”

or business or SME, learn more about the popular Business Program by visiting the business page or emailing business@transportify.com.ph.