Solve Delivery Holiday Worries with Transportify!

Solve Delivery Holiday Worries with Transportify Main

One of the usual problems businesses and individuals face during non-working holidays like the Day of Valor is the lack of available in-demand services, including logistics services from courier service providers. This is a big deal since some businesses must be kept active and open even during the non-working holidays, and there are individuals who have urgent packages that need to be delivered immediately.

If you are one of those who are pondering how to overcome these inconveniences during non-working holidays, well, there is no more need to stress yourself out. Transportify delivery company has come up with solutions for your logistics problems!

Problem #1: How can I send packages if courier service centers are closed on holidays?

Solution: Use Transportify’s on-demand delivery app.

We made Transportify’s on-demand delivery app and services available during holidays. Our delivery app will not shut down during the Day of Valor or any other holidays so individuals who need to send packages will have the delivery service they need. Moreover, the package sender does not need to go to any courier service center as Transportify also offers door-to-door courier services in the Philippines.

Problem #2: My own logistic fleet is not enough to restock inventory before the holidays. How can I make the restocking faster?

Solution: You can rely on us, even if you are not yet enrolled under our Business Program!

If your business is not yet enrolled under the Transportify Business Program and you think your own logistic fleet may not be able to finish restocking your stores’ inventories before your logistics crew take their day offs on the coming holiday, you can book a transaction with us as a regular client. You can rent our L300 vans and closed van trucks for a whole day to act as additions to your already existing logistic fleet. This way, the restocking task will be faster and will be done before the holidays.

Problem #3: I need to deliver stuff during the holiday but my logistic crew will not be working on that day. What should I do?

Solution: Be a Transportify Business Client!

Business clients or Transportify clients enrolled under our Business Program do not need to worry about this problem. If your bonafide logistics crew will not go to work as it is a non-working holiday, you can rely on Transportify driver partners. Transportify business clients can schedule delivery needs on holiday dates ahead of time and Transportify will assign you a driver partner willing to work that day.

Problem #4: But how can your driver partners work during non-working holidays?

Solution: Transportify has a very efficient internal logistics system.

Transportify driver partners can decide which days they could make delivery trips. Some driver partners choose weekdays while some choose weekends and holidays, which is why Transportify always has driver partners available no matter the day or the occasion!

For individuals and business owners who need delivery services this Day of Valor, Transportify’s provincial courier service, as well as its Metro Manila operations, will be active and available during the holiday.


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