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The world of logistics is a hectic place and one that can be incredibly overwhelming for newcomers. If you are just scraping the surface of logistics as your company is beginning to grow and your demand for delivery services is increasing, you’ll soon find yourself needing to employ heavy freight shipping services from excellent truck hire companies.

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In Transportify, we understand your logistics needs and we provide the right trucks to transport your goods. Check out the affordable 10 wheeler truck rates of Transportify by getting a quote now.

What Is the State of The Logistics Industry in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the logistics industry is booming thanks to increased spending on infrastructure from the government. More roads and highways make it easier for companies to transport goods from one place to another. Furthermore, truck hire companies are leveling up their services by providing technology-based solutions for their clients.

The expansion of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is a key factor for the increase in heavy freight shipping services in the Philippines. The surge in the purchasing power of Filipinos translates to more purchases at groceries and supermarkets. According to Kantar, a market research company, Filipino families have been shopping more which is seen in the increase in sales volume of FMCG companies. Of the many sectors in FMCG, it is no surprise that food is the main household expenditure amounting to almost 3 trillion pesos. An expansion in the FMCG sector means more and more truck hire companies are being used to deliver goods from the FMCG’s warehouses to the different distribution centers all over the country.

E-commerce, the buying, and selling of services online have gained a strong foothold in the country, especially among the youth. It is still forecasted that the e-commerce industry in the Philippines will rise as more and more people get access to the internet. When it comes to buying things online, all you have to do is access the online platform with your device, select the item, pay using various available methods, and before you know it, a truck hire company has delivered your purchased product right at your doorstep.

Another sector that has contributed to the growth of logistics in the Philippines is the construction industry. Although a contraction is to be expected due to Covid-19, experts predict that the construction industry will experience rapid growth in the following years. This industry would require vehicles such as larger trucks to haul construction materials from the hardware to the construction site and to transfer construction debris from the construction site to the appropriate dumpsite.

These businesses would usually avail the services of truck hire companies to transport their products from warehouses or production plants to distribution centers. Although an open truck could do the job, shipments of larger volumes would need a much larger vehicle. If you are a business owner and would like to transport large quantities of goods, then a 10 wheeler wing van is the right vehicle for you. Check out our affordable rates for the 10 wheeler truck for rent below.

Wing Van FeaturesDetails
Vehicle Type and RateRegular 10w (32ft, 12tons): 7000 PHP
Extra Load (32ft, 15tons): 7400 PHP
Extra Load (32ft, 20tons): 9150 PHP
Extra Load (32ft, 25tons): 11200 PHP
Extra Load (40ft, 28tons): 11700 PHP
Booking Lead TimeWing Van 32ft = 4 Hours
Wing Van 40ft = 12 hours
Extra Helper1 Extra helper already included

450 PHP for Second Extra Helper
Loading and UnloadingDriver and extra helper must load
and unload within reasonable and
humane expectations.
Toll fees and ParkingThe driver may request for
reimbursement of tolls and
parking expenses if your
desired route includes
such expenses.
Road RestrictionsProhibited from selected roads
in Metro Manila from 6am to 10am
and 5pm to 10pm every day
except Sundays and holidays.



Advantages of Using a 10 Wheeler for Heavy Freight Shipping

A 10 wheeler wing van is a large truck with a length of 32 feet and can carry up to 15,000 kg (15 tons). The term “Wing Van” is used to describe how the cargo box opens like large wings for easy loading and unloading. Normally, a forklift lifts a pallet from the ground and loads it on the side of the 10 wheeler truck. This loading process is efficient and less tiresome since there is no need to manually lift the cargo. The advantages of using a 10w Wing Van for rent for heavy freight shipping include easier handling and driver communication, ease of loading and unloading as well as a large carrying capacity are some of the advantages in using a 10 wheeler truck for heavy freight shipping. Here are some more advantages that you may read on:

Deliver More With Just One Vehicle

Since a 10 wheeler wing van is able to handle heavy and large volumes of cargo, you won’t have to rely on a number of small vehicles to handle multiple deliveries. The carrying capacity of one 10 wheeler wing van is roughly equivalent to seven pickup trucks. Furthermore, it is a more economical option to deliver your goods with just one large vehicle than using several smaller ones. It is easier to plan, schedule, and optimize delivery routes for heavy freight shipping with just one vehicle than having to do the same process for several trucks.

Easier Tracking and Communication with the Driver

Not having multiple delivery vehicles on the road means that tracking your goods will be much easier. You won’t have to keep an eye on several vehicles at different stages of their journey, instead, you can simply focus on the one vehicle that does your heavy freight shipping. One of the advantages of using Transportify is the real-time track and trace feature of our app. This feature enables you to monitor the progress of your delivery in real-time. Furthermore, this truck hire company has an In-app chat feature that allows you to send urgent messages to the driver of the 10 wheeler truck or to our 24/7 customer service personnel.

We Have Professional & Courteous Drivers

Another great benefit of using this truck hire company to handle your heavy freight shipping is the excellent service provided by our dedicated drivers. We have drivers who are friendly and helpful throughout your booking. Thus, don’t be worried about the risk of passing your heavy freight shipping requirements to a truck hire company like Transportify. We take our clients’ demands very seriously and thus our drivers are well-positioned to deliver the best transportation service for your business with the utmost consideration and care.

Business Program

The Philippine economy is highly dependent on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which account for about 99% of the business establishments in the Philippines. These MSMEs are also responsible for around 63% of the country’s total employment. These companies continually need a freight trucking and logistics company to deliver their goods to distribution centers or right to their customer’s doorstep. With this in mind, the Business Program of Transportify is created to service the high-quality logistics requirements of entrepreneurs. Compared to our free app, the business program offers service features that are tailored to suit the requirements of each industry which requires delivery services. Here are some benefits of joining the Transportify Corporate Account for Business:

      1. Free Enrollment.
      2. 24/7 Customer Service.
      3. Flexible payment terms. We have postpay and prepay options for your business.
      4. Proof of Delivery (POD) and Cash on Delivery (COD) services for your transactions.
      5. Up to Php 3 Million warranty for lost, damaged, or stolen goods during the booking.
      6. An operations process team to document your instructions on how to handle special packages. These instructions will then be communicated to the driver.
      7. You will have your own account manager, a bonus referral and a web dashboard to easily monitor your bookings.

Full Truckload Service

Full Truckload (FTL) service is a logistics solution wherein a client has all the space of a delivery truck at his disposal. In short, the client does not share the space of a delivery vehicle with other cargo from other customers. The main advantage of FTL service is speed and efficiency in deliveries because you have the vehicle all to yourself which means that your goods will be delivered straight from pick up to drop off point.

If the weight of your cargo for heavy freight shipping is around 5,000 kg (5 tons) then it’s best to avail of the Full truckload service provided by Transportify. Our 10 wheeler trucks are more than capable of handling the FTL requirements of our clients. You don’t have to worry about the space you occupy in the truck because, with our FTL service, the whole 10 wheeler wing van is at your disposal.

Transportify Vehicles for Different Delivery Requirements

If you require heavy freight shipping services and you’re not quite sure how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We can talk you through all of the rates and processes so that you can make an informed decision when booking with Transportify. For smaller-scale deliveries, Transportify has other delivery vans for your needs. We have affordable rates for sedans, L300 vans, open trucks, and closed vans for other shipping requirements.  Thus, with Transportify, we can take care of whatever delivery requirements you might have.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What industries use heavy freight shipping?

🚚 Heavy freight shipping is important for many businesses and industries because it allows them to deliver their goods and products to many locations. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is one of the sectors that rely greatly on heavy freight shipping to transport their goods from warehouses to distribution centers. In order to ensure that they have enough stock in their branches, appliance companies make use of heavy freight shipping to deliver appliances to their network of branches. Lastly, manufacturers of plastics or pharmaceuticals use heavy freight shipping companies in order to distribute their products to various outlets.

What are the characteristics of a 10 wheeler wing van?

🚚 The unique characteristic of a 10 wheeler wing van is its cargo box that opens like large wings for easy loading and unloading. Usually, a forklift carries a pallet and loads it into the side of the 10 wheeler. Another characteristic of the 10 wheeler wing van is its long length. Lastly, another characteristic of the 10 wheeler wing van is the cargo capacity. A 10 wheeler truck can carry loads of up to 15 tons.

What is the difference between Transportify among other truck hire companies?

🚚 Transportify is an on-demand truck rental app that offers the easiest way to avail the services of a 10 wheeler truck. All you have to do is access our web app with your mobile device or computer, schedule a booking, and before you know it, a 10 wheeler truck is on its way to your pick-up point. These trucks can deliver goods anywhere in mainland Luzon, Cebu island, Panay, Negros, and Davao. One significant difference is that Transportify not just simply offers trucking services, but also the innovation that comes with the service. Booking a trucking service need not be tedious, with Transportify you can easily plan and manage your booking. The on-demand delivery app also offers interisland trucking service from Luzon and Cebu to key cities of Visayas and Mindanao. You can check the Transportify website for the complete list of routes.


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