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Using The Best Courier In The Philippines With Mobile Technology

Best Courier In The Philippines

The Philippines’ vibrant economic performance and high consumer confidence from 2015 stimulated growth for many Philippines businesses. The Philippines remained a strong performer in Asia, despite slow global growth. (worldbank.org) This was brought on by several factors, including increased activities of SMEs and rising youth demographic consumption.

The increased presence of SMEs with a propensity to innovate technology along with the increase in youth demographic consumption has led to an increased focus on demand for personal and small business convenience.

Filipinos continue to live fast-paced lifestyles. Long commutes, long work hours, and irregular shift jobs lessen the time that small business owners and consumers have to take care of everyday tasks. Put simply, there is simply so much to do, but there is so little time.

This trend is illustrated by what is occurring in the country’s rapidly emerging industry for transportation and courier in the Philippines. While well-established corporate players such as LBC, 2Go, and even FedEx and DHL continues to widen their national scope of services, smaller and innovative players are filling gaps left over by these giants to address this trend of increasing demand for personal and small business convenience.

Who are these small and technology innovative players, and how are they meeting the demands for increased convenience?

Transportify Philippines, the local arm of the international technology-driven logistics app Deliveree, recently launched as a courier in the Philippines offering a mobile and web application that allows customers and businesses to book the best on-demand courier and delivery services anywhere throughout Mega Manila and surrounding areas.

Should LBC, 2Go, FedEx, DHL, and the other giants be worried?

It is relatively easy for big companies that have regular and consistent logistics needs to hire priority, dedicated, and even real-time services from the giant courier in the Philippines. However, for individuals and small businesses who cannot commit to fixed amounts for delivery, a service gap remains. This is where technology companies like Transportify step in for the best and affordable service.

How does Transportify work?

Transportify, the best courier in the Philippines for SMEs, operates mainly through mobile which can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple app stores. It is also available through the web at webapp.transportify.com.ph. Customers can book using the web or mobile app a vehicle immediately for arrival in 75 minutes or schedule up to two weeks in advance. If you need a provincial courier, our Long Haul is here to give you affordable services at a fixed price.

The vehicle selections include Economy class vehicles like sedans and hatchbacks. For larger economy vehicles, you can add extra space to match you with MPVs. We also have L300/Vans and Closed Van <trucks for big and bulky deliveries.

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Vehicle TypeStandard RateFull Day Rate
+ ₱20 Per KM
Economy Extra Space₱290
+ ₱20 Per KM
+ ₱30 Per KM
Closed Van₱2,150
+ ₱50 Per KM
Closed Van Extra Space₱2,550
+ ₱50 Per KM

Once you input your pick-up and drop-off addresses, the app matches you with a nearby driver and provides you with the driver’s contact information and tracking, so you know where he is and the best estimate on his ETA. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s a lot like Uber for logistics.

Learn more about using Transportify and why we are the best courier in the Philippines for SME’s by browsing our site or downloading the mobile app through Google Play or Apple App Stores. Check out our blog or send us a message to inquire about our courier services.

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