The 7 Rs of Trucking and Logistics Delivery in the Philippines (2024)

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In this article we are going to define the 7 R’s of logistics, as laid out by the The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport UK (2019). Understanding these 7 individual components will help you better understand the complex world of transportation logistics, and how they each rely on one another in order to function properly. The very success of trucking and logistics delivery Philippines depends on each and every one of these R’s and if you remove even one of them, it all falls apart. Read the article below or dive right into your interest.

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The right product is important in trucking and logistics services, especially when it comes to being a vendor or an e-commerce business. How fragile are the products in question? Will they be easy to transport? Are they too large? Or can they be broken down into assemble-able components such as IKEA furniture? Will special packaging be required for safe transportation and if so, how will that affect your overheads?

There is much to consider when getting the right product and it is an incredibly important decision to make, especially when it comes to which mode of transportation you are going to use for your 2023 delivery Philippines. For a quick reference for Transportify’s 2023 truck rental services, you may check the table below:

Vehicle TypeDimensions/
Weight Limits
Base Price
(Metro Manila)
Base Price
(Outside Metro Manila)
Base Price
wing-van-iconWing Van 32 to 40 x 7.8 x 7.8 ft
12000kg to 28000kg
7000 PHP6500 PHP6500 PHP
6w-fwd-truck-icon6w Fwd Truck18 x 6 x 7 ft
4850 PHP4850 PHP4850 PHP
closed-van-iconClosed Van10 to 14 x 6 x 6 ft
2000kg to 4000kg
1600 PHP1450 PHP1450 PHP
open-truck-iconOpen Truck10 to 21 x 6 ft x open
2000kg and 7000kg
2300 PHP1950 PHP1950 PHP
l300-van-iconL300/Van8 x 4.5 x 4.5 ft
415 PHP330 PHP310 PHP
small-pickup-iconSmall Pickup5 x 5 ft x open
310 PHP250 PHP220 PHP
light-van-iconLight Van5.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 ft
250 PHP192 PHP225 PHP
mpv-iconMPV/SUV5 x 3.2 x 2.8 ft
160 PHP130 PHP140 PHP
sedan-iconSedan3.5 x 2 x 2.5 ft
140 PHP110 PHP120 PHP




Having the right quantity of goods is also important, especially when keeping up with demand. As a manufacturer, you do not want to over-produce products. If you wish to maintain your reputation for delivering excellence, and avoid losing money, then the right quantity if vital. You can’t overload a warehouse as there will be additional charges involved with overcrowding. Of course, with the right trucking and logistics delivery Philippines company, finding the right quantity and maintaining the flow should be easy enough.

Maintaining the RIGHT CONDITION

The quality of a product should be maintained at all costs. Of course, depending on the nature of the product, 1 in 1000 products may experience damage in transit. Sometimes this is unavoidable. In any case, you must do everything that you can to ensure that as few products as possible are damaged, as this will only negatively impact your reputation, and your profits.

Delivering to the RIGHT PLACE

Of course, delivering goods to the right place is a given, but it’s not just about the final destination. The right place can also refer to using “the right trucking and logistics delivery Philippines company”. For example, having experienced delivery staff with an effective freight transportation management system (TMS); coupled with state-of-the-art routing software can ensure that you reach the right place, by moving through ‘the right places.’ That, and you will be able to look back and analyse past decisions through data storage capabilities in order to optimally deliver goods to the right place.


Once a product has been created, they must be delivered to the right delivery Philippines customers. The biggest challenge throughout this process is identifying your ideal customer and then spreading awareness about the products or services in question in order to maximize your profits. Market research will give insight into which potential customers will be best suited to which products, and how much it will cost / what it will take to get the products to the customers—so that you can develop and implement an appropriate strategy. Thus, you will be able to gain more leads, create more customers, and have a solid supply chain in place with little wastage.


In this modern age as demand is rising and patience is running thin, consumers are expecting products faster than ever before. In order to keep up with such high demand, you will need a trucking and logistics company that can utilize the latest in route optimization software. This is to ensure that the delivery Philippines drivers can avoid any and all traffic and weather conditions that may affect the efficiency of the delivery, in order to get the products from the source, to the customer, on time, every time.


By combining all of the previous six factors, you should be able to arrive at the right price. How much will the product cost to produce? Are they especially fragile? Which packaging is required and how much will it cost? How many products do you need to ship, and can you do so with TL or LTL (less than load) truck movement? There are so many factors at play that must be considered carefully in order to arrive at the optimum price, from start to finish.

In order to run a successful supply chain, you will need: the right products in the appropriate amount & condition, going to the right customers, at the right place, for the right price. There is much to consider, but if you consider each of the 7 R’s of logistics carefully, you will experience great success against your competitors.

What Are the Benefits of having Effective Supply Chain Management?

Today’s 2023 delivery Philippines market and global supply chain continue to be more complex than ever. A data-driven approach to trucking and logistics management is crucial to survive the competition. Given the 7 R’s discussed above, you might be wondering where it will lead you. To simply put it, the 7 R’s will give you an edge over your competitors.

1Quality control

This will be the first thing your customers will notice upon establishing an effective supply chain logistics management. Having your goods delivered at the right time will show not only how much care you put into your customers.

2Higher efficiency

Sometimes, the best solution or plan won’t be the best without automation. It might not be the most popular solution since it cuts down peoples jobs, but for some industries this is the game changer. It boils down to the right automation solution, where and when you deem it necessary. Automation guarantees increasing productivity. And with the right management, maintaining machines won’t cost you a lot.

3Keeping up with demand

The best supply chain systems enabled companies to keep up with loads of demands for 2023. Just imagine the biggest soap company you can think of and how it can supply up to 6 different continents. An effective management system helps you achieve that. And it is more beneficial for your business to invest in acquiring real-time and accurate information of your market this 2023.

4Reduced overhead

Probably one of the things that you will want for your business, lower costs. Of course, all businesses want that. The money we save can be put into better use and improve our products. Enabling your organization to have an efficient
trucking and logistics
management system reduces your overall expenses for 2023 and the coming years.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the 7 R’s of logistics?

⚽ The 7 R’s (or Rights) are the set of ideals and principles used by organizations that can be a foundation to be successful in the trucking and logistics industry. These are the ‘right’ product, quantity, condition, place, customer, time, and price. Each R is complementary with each other and won’t be as effective when incomplete. In Transportify our services matches to give our customers excellent service. By providing an easy and efficient mobile application service.

What are the available full truck load services for delivery in the Philippines?

⚽ Third party trucking and logistics services are available anywhere in the Philippines. And the majority of delivery Philippines services are considered full truck load, since you will be renting the whole vehicle. You can find these services around the internet or the yellow pages. But for a tried, tested, and trusted service, you may choose Lalamove or Transportify for your delivery Philippines needs. Not only their services are proven to be the best, but the efficiency of their mobile application makes them easy to use.


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