Construction Dump Truck Delivery (New 2024)

Construction Dump Truck Delivery

Handling a construction project is a challenging task. There are many things to consider to meet specific deadlines with contractors and developers. It is essential to have an efficient flow of construction materials and a reliable workforce for construction projects.

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Since construction projects require large amounts of construction materials and hardware products to be transported, a developer should consider hiring a professional dump truck delivery provider to move any tough materials. This article will explore information about dump trucks and how it benefits construction companies to make an efficient workflow in their upcoming 2021 projects.

Construction Dump Trucks for Tough Loads

Construction dump trucks are select heavy-duty vehicles mainly used to transport gravel, sand, dirt, and other tough materials from one place to another. These trucks are also used in debris hauling or removing waste materials like old bricks, tree trucks, electrical wirings, and excavated dirt. Aside from being a go-to vehicle to construction sites, dump trucks also serve other applications that involve collecting and removing tough materials. Dump truck delivery vehicles may vary in size, specifications, and configurations.

In the Philippines, construction dump trucks serve a great purpose in developing lands and building infrastructure. These types of trucks can transport large amounts of loads that help land developers and project contractors to save more money and time for their projects. With a big truck bed that has an open gate and a hydraulic lift, construction dump trucks enable more construction companies to effectively manage greater loads. Construction dump trucks are commonly seen on every construction site in the country.

Dump trucks do not only cover construction sites, but they are also considered to be actual vehicles in the mining industry. They make transportation easier for loose materials coming from the mining pit. But these dump trucks are different in size, capacity, and bed type.

A leading dump truck delivery provider in the Philippines for 2021 is Transportify. They offer dump truck delivery using an app that makes it very accessible to users in transporting materials to and from the site. If you want to know more about the vehicles that are available for 2021 construction and hardware deliveries, you may refer to the table below:

Vehicle TypeCargo DimensionCapacity
Vehicle TypeCargo DimensionCapacity
Regular 10ft (2000kg)L: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open
2000 kg
14ft (2000kg)L: 14 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open
2000 kg
18ft (7000kg)L: 18 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open7000 kg
21ft (7000kg)L: 21 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open7000 kg

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Construction Dump Truck?

Many benefits are paired with hiring a professional construction dump truck company for your tough materials delivery. You’ll get more space for construction materials, more effortless loading and unloading of tough loads, and avoiding the usage of personal vehicles for transportation. To discuss more these benefits, refer to the discussion below and assess how your business can experiment in having a reliable construction dump truck provider:

1Easier Loading and Unloading

Transporting large loads of construction materials into a vehicle is not easy work. This task will require a considerable amount of time and effort in your construction materials moving. Partnering with a professional dump truck delivery service will give you benefits that will make your loading and unloading efficient and save more time for other essential tasks in your construction project. Apart from that, you will also reduce the risk of encountering safety and health hazards such as injuries that may impede your construction project.

2More Space for Construction Materials

There are vehicles made for certain types of things, such as construction. Personal and company vehicles are not made to transport construction materials, so it is not advisable for an individual to do so. Having limited space in construction transportation will mean more trips than necessary. To efficiently manage your time and keep your project on schedule, it is best to hire a professional dump truck delivery provider with a wide variety of available construction dump trucks. It will be your best step in achieving your goal towards project management efficiency.

3Avoid damage to your vehicle.

Using your vehicles like cars and trucks don’t have the necessary features to move construction materials. Stones and gravel may easily create a scratch or dent to the exterior of your vehicle. Dirt and sand will make a mess that will require extra effort in cleaning. Hiring a professional dump truck company like Transportify to transport your construction materials will pave the way for a cleaner and hassle-free transportation of your materials.

Transportify Dump Truck Delivery For Big Construction Loads

Transportify is one of the leading providers of trucks that can be used for big construction loads in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon this 2021. Transportify Dump trucks come in different sizes to help other construction companies in maximizing their cost in deliveries. Here are some of the notable perks that a customer can enjoy for availing of construction dump trucks from Transportify:

1Live Tracking

The live tracking feature of the application is also available for construction vehicles like dump trucks. This will give you full visibility of the status of your deliveries and guarantees that bookings are handled safely and secured.

2Cheaper Cost

The cost of hiring a construction dump truck delivery with Transportify can give you more cost savings than getting a traditional provider. Imagine transporting your big construction loads without spending more for deliveries; that is amazing.

3Reliable driver-partners

Transportify driver-partners are well-trained to transport different types of goods from their customers. They have the best training that can fit any business requirement. We can assure you that the driver-partners can give a high-quality service for your construction deliveries.

4Large service area

With Transportify’s large service area, a construction supplier of gravel from Bulacan can transport their loads to different locations in Luzon easily with just a few taps from the application. It makes every product or goods accessible to customers in other areas or markets.

5Go Big or Small

Transportify’s construction hauling services have different vehicle options depending on the requirements of your construction project. You may choose to hire a bigger dump truck that can hold a volume of 24-35 CBM or go with the smaller Mini Dump Truck that can transport up to 3.5 tons of construction materials and aggregates. Go big or small as Transportify makes construction easy.

If you have an individual or a construction business owner that is interested in hiring Transportify to be your construction dump truck delivery provider this 2021, you may explore our Corporate Account for Business. More construction clients are getting different benefits for their big deliveries. From having a dedicated account manager to help you get the best quality drivers for deliveries, Transportify will make sure that you get the best delivery experience.

Other details about our 2021 logistics services are also available on our website. You may start exploring the website to know more about it. To explore our application, you may scan the QR Code or click the buttons below:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the leading professional dump truck delivery provider in the Philippines?

?Some traditional providers make up the market of professional dump trucks in the Philippines. But today, on-demand logistics services for construction deliveries are making a big difference in the industry. Transportify is known to be one of the leading dump truck delivery providers in the Philippines. With a wide variety of fleet available in Luzon, you may easily schedule big loads of construction materials delivery to different locations in just a few taps.

How can a construction dump truck help achieve efficiency in construction projects?

?A construction dump truck can help a company achieve efficiency in projects since it transports many loads from one site to another. Having this viable option, projects can achieve cost savings by using small trucks for transportation. Hiring this type of vehicle for construction deliveries will also help your project get on track with its completion date.


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