Inland Trucking API for Regular Delivery Service | Transportify

Inland Trucking API for Regular Delivery Service | Transportify

Businesses across countries and industries are continuously searching for ways to enhance and elevate the efficiency of their logistics operations. This means being able to meet customer expectations of faster and smoother deliveries. Managing regular delivery service to clients and customers necessitates a well-crafted and planned system that incorporates the most recent advances in logistics, such as trucking API. This article aims to introduce businesses to inland trucking API and how it can significantly help manage your regular delivery service.

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What is Trucking API?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can easily log in to e-commerce sites or social media platforms using only your email address? Or how weather forecasts regularly update on your phone’s home screen based on your location? These are great and simple examples of what we call Application Program Interface (API) that we use regularly. APIs dictate how two systems interact with one another, allowing both parties to share data to power newly formed operations. For instance, data from your email can be given to an e-commerce website, which will instantly create an account for you via API integration.

In logistics, trucking API is an innovative solution for businesses seeking advance assistance with their regular delivery service. A trucking API is a type of interconnection between a logistics company’s API system and that of a business, typically via a website. In essence, the business can integrate with a provider’s trucking API via their website, and people can simply input information that will be automatically placed as a booking after confirmation.

The image below shows the features of trucking API with Transportify.

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API Integration
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Create Bookings
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Amend Bookings
Manage Bookings
Manage Bookings
Driver Location & ETA
Driver Location & ETA
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Through Transportify’s trucking API integration, a business can leverage technological advancements and easily scale up the operation. Trucking APIs are most commonly used to assist operations of retail and FMCG companies for order fulfillment and BPO companies for work from home equipment delivery. It is significant to note that trucking APIs are especially useful for businesses that manage regular delivery services to clients, customers, and even employees.


Examples of Businesses That Manage Regular Delivery Service

As mentioned in the previous section, FMCG and BPO are two industries that use inland trucking API to manage their regular delivery service. Let’s take a closer look at how these businesses use trucking APIs in their operations.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Everyone benefits from the existence of an FMCG since it provides people with essential goods like food, toiletries, medicines, and so on every day. These items are generally sold in supermarkets and grocery shops and are taken by consumers in large amounts. The typical Filipino household spends around 50% of its monthly income on food.

With this being said, a high volume of these products is needed to move regularly from suppliers to warehouses (mid mile) and stores to customers (last mile). To smoothen the process using technology, an FMCG company may automate supply chain operations by integrating with an inland trucking API provider. When a distribution center needs to resupply, an FMCG company can use this integration to automatically dispatch a delivery truck from the warehouse to that center once stock quantity meets or exceeds a certain level.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO companies are aggressively hiring employees every day to man the increasing demand in their industry. Since working from home is the norm for offices today, BPOs often provide office equipment to their hired employees to encourage better productivity. With the number of new hires they are onboarding daily, it is nearly impossible to manage work from home equipment delivery without an automated system.

Arranging and managing bookings involve not only putting in information but also gathering them. The process can be tedious, time-consuming, and prone to information errors due to the volume of bookings. Instead of going through this process in managing regular delivery service, BPO companies integrate their system with a trucking API provider like Transportify. This way, their new employees can enter their information, and the system will automatically find a driver for them. With API in place, it relieves dispatch managers from the stress of managing hundreds of deliveries every day.

How Does Transportify Trucking API Work?

Because of the level of accessibility that API integration provides, businesses have been able to experience continuous development and broaden the scope of their target audience.

Transportify’s inland trucking API serves as a connection between the driver and the delivery customer to meet varied delivery demands. Customers may set delivery requirements such as vehicle type, time of day, and other services. Once information is provided, the integration will be in charge of managing and assigning bookings to the appropriate driver.

You gain access to new possibilities for what your business may accomplish by enabling your system to connect. Here are a few points on why you should use an API from an inland trucking firm in your operations:

It makes processes faster and more efficient

APIs enable fast, efficient, and data-driven supply chain management procedures. It encourages logistics managers to make better corporate decisions by providing a seamless way of viewing data because it gets to flow from one system to another through a new combined system. APIs in logistics management has grown to be a pivotal tool in a company’s operations and problem-solving.

It is a long term solution

The process of inland trucking API is not as complicated as you imagine. All it takes is a few weeks of cooperation between the technical teams of the two companies. It is because of this long process, companies find themselves concerned with the money and time that they are investing in this. But in an actual scenario, APIs are easy to deploy and do not require high maintenance costs and troubleshooting.

It improves business services

Customer satisfaction is a key factor for retention. Hence, optimizing the delivery experience is essential to improve customer lifetime value. However, optimizing the delivery experience does not mean procuring numerous trucks to support the logistics operations. It means partnering up with the right service provider that can fulfill your delivery needs. In the realm of logistics, inland trucking API integration allows for smooth collaboration between your company’s systems and the provider’s. This translates into more efficient delivery operations, significant cost savings in logistics, and happier customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the inland trucking service of Transportify differ from others?

📈 Transportify’s inland trucking is different among others in the sense that it is technology-driven. All the features that you can utilize while in the booking are beneficial for businesses to have a smooth and prompt inland trucking delivery.  Transportify also offers the most affordable rate in the logistics marketplace making it competitive among others.

How can trucking API help my business?

📈 The scope of benefits will depend on the scale of your business. Trucking API is ideal to integrate with operations that manage and do a high volume of regular delivery service. Trucking API is a form of technology that is meant to cut long processes and make things easier for business owners and customers as well.

Does Transportify have a business account for customers with regular delivery service?

📈 Yes. Transportify has a Corporate Account for Business that is meant to support businesses with their delivery fulfillment needs. The program offers exclusive benefits like flexible payment options, document return services, custom SOP, dedicated fleet, and insurance coverage up to 3 million every booking.


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