Roro Shipment via Light Delivery Vehicle | Interisland Trucking

Roro Shipment via Light Delivery Vehicle | Interisland Trucking

Roro shipment widens options for business operations in the Philippines, as air transport is expensive and sea transport is more practical. Interisland shipping companies offer trucks for bulk deliveries, but if you only need a smaller vehicle to fit your cargo, light delivery vehicles can be a solution.

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What Is a Light Delivery Vehicle?

A light delivery vehicle is a motor vehicle with at least four wheels for carrying goods and ferrying people. In the Philippines, one of the most popular light delivery vehicles is FB L300. The L300 van is usually the go-to vehicle of businesses from different industries and is known to be a “compact workhorse.” It has decent cargo space compared to MPVs and is the best vehicle to use if your cargo is not beyond 1000 kg.

The demand for light delivery vehicles has increased over the years. Mitsubishi produced 200,000 FB L300 vans in 2020 to satisfy market demand. According to Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, CEO of MMPC (Mitsubishi Motors Philippines), demand for their vehicles remains stable, despite the circumstance.

Transportify views this demand as an indicator of the potential of light delivery vehicles in the logistics marketplace. Transportfy has also made available these L300/Vans for interisland deliveries via roro cargo rates for shipment from Luzon and Cebu to Visayas and Mindanao. This innovation aims to help businesses distribute their goods nationwide at a faster and more affordable rate. Check out the rates below  for the most popular routes from Metro Manila to Visayas/Mindanao:


Benefits of Using Light Commercial Vehicles for Interisland Delivery

Lesser road restrictions

As we may all know, there are some major cities in the Philippines that impose a strict truck ban to regulate traffic in both urban and rural areas. The truck ban is a factor of delay, especially for interisland deliveries. Logistics managers adapt their operations according to the schedule of the truck ban to avoid further delays. Since trucks are bound to follow strict rules, their arrival and departure in ports can take some time. This only applies if you are using a truck such as a 10 wheeler wing van. On the other hand, if you use a light delivery vehicle like L300, you can expect fewer to no restrictions. On top of that, since this is a smaller vehicle, it is less likely to be caught in traffic since more roads will allow its travel. If you need interisland trucking via roro shipment at a faster rate, you can book an L300 via Transportify on-demand app to do the job for you.

More affordable

Given its significant size difference with trucks, interisland deliveries with L300 via roro shipment will use lesser resources, thus, resulting in a lower cost. Light delivery vehicles will require you to pay less for gas consumption, vehicle maintenance, toll fees, port/terminal fees, and roro fees. In Transportify, the interisland trucking services have fixed prices and include the RORO ferry fees, toll fees, and port/terminal fees already.

Decent cargo space

Before deciding on a vehicle for your interisland trucking delivery, make sure that you take into account the weight and sizes of your items. L300 has a weight capacity of one ton or 1000 kg and dimensions of 8ft x 4ft x 4ft. This cargo space can be for home appliances, merchandise supplies, office equipment, wholesale supplies delivery, home furniture, and more. As mentioned in the early part of this article, a light delivery vehicle like an L300 is a compact workhorse that can carry anything within its cargo size and weight capacity.

Transportify Offers Innovative Interisland Trucking

Transportify continues to expand its logistics services with a host of new service offerings. The on-demand app now allows its users to book interisland trucking services via roro shipment from Luzon and Cebu to the cities of Visayas and Mindanao. With this offering, businesses can expect new capabilities that they can utilize for their cargo distribution operations. Here are other reasons why Transportify’s interisland trucking service for light delivery vehicles is the right logistics solution for you:

Roro shipment arrangements

Transportify planned interisland trucking service to have a fixed price. If you book a light delivery vehicle like L300 or larger trucks like 10w Wing Van, all the expenses for the roro, terminal, and toll fees are inclusive of the price. This setup not only make the service more affordable but also saves you from miscalculating your budget. Since Transportify provides transparent pricing directly on the app, you can expect that there will be no hidden fees.

Broader service inclusions

Since interisland deliveries are more frequently carried out by large trucks, that doesn’t mean smaller vehicles can’t provide the same service. Transportify wants to make interisland trucking more accessible to users who do not need the full space of a large truck. With the affordable price of an L300 and the broader service area it can reach, big and small businesses can utilize its availability to transport goods via roro shipment.

If there’s a budding demand for your business to distribute to other islands, you can start with a light delivery vehicle to transport your goods. You can always test the waters at your own pace. When you think demand has increased enough to fill a truck, you can book via the Transportify app a Closed Van, 6w Fwd Truck, or 10w Wing Van.

Manage deliveries with the app

As an on-demand app for trucks and light delivery vehicles, Transportify crafted its mobile and web application to be your primary tool when managing bookings.

Directly through the on-demand app, you can create your booking for deliveries within Luzon, Cebu province, or interisland trucking. The app provides convenience to people when acquiring logistics services eliminating the usual challenges of long lead time and untransparent pricing.

24/7 customer service

Interisland delivery via roro shipment is not a negligible task that businesses would take lightly. As a logistics provider, your satisfaction and happiness with the service are our priority. Before the vehicle arrives at the pick-up location, while the delivery is being carried out, and even after the delivery has been made, you can always reach out to our customer service for any concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to complete an interisland trucking delivery via roro shipment?

🚚 Interisland trucking delivery via roro shipment from Luzon can take 2-7 days, while deliveries from Cebu will take 1-2 days, depending on the location. Since the Philippines experiences inclement weather from time to time, expect that weather conditions to contribute to delays. Always check weather reports and plan your interisland deliveries accordingly.

Can a passenger ride when we book for an interisland trucking service using a light delivery vehicle?

🚚 No. Please note that Transportify is for cargo transport only, and passengers are not allowed to ride along with any delivery via the platform. This may cause you some confusion because L300/Vans can also be used for passenger transport, but the Transportify service does not include passenger transport.


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