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Manila’s Unparalleled Same Day Delivery Courier App

Same Day Delivery Courier App

With the answer to the traffic gridlock a long way off, Transportify’s newly launched same-day delivery courier service, a full-service logistics solution, expected to help ease consumer anxieties by moving goods, merchandise, cargo, and belongings all over Mega Manila and surrounding areas.

Transportify is making full use of its social media platforms to inform its large potential customer base about the convenience of its unparalleled delivery courier app. With a mobile app available on both Google Play and Apple as well as a web app accessible from any laptop or desktop, Transportify same-day delivery courier app is ready to offer services in Manila including corporations, SMEs, and even individuals who need to move their things around.

Unparalleled wide array of vehicle fleet options. The fleet includes Economy vehicles (sedans, hatchbacks, and MPVs), L300s / Vans, and 4-wheeler and 6-wheeler closed van trucks. Some examples of the conveniences that Transportify same-day delivery courier app offers:

  • Following an immediate booking, a Transportify driver will arrive within 75 minutes anywhere in Mega Manila.
  • Once a booking commences, users receive full tracking; hence, you never have to wonder where your delivery vehicle might be or how far it is from you. An unparalleled service you can only find in a modern logistics provider.
  • Think of it as an express same-day delivery courier app with a substantially larger maximum capacity and a much lower cost.

On the subject of Transportify’s costs, the fees are adjusted according to the vehicle type. The smaller the vehicle, the lower the price. An Economy vehicle costs at ₱190 base rate and ₱20 for every kilometer thereafter. And an L300 starts at ₱430 and an additional ₱30 for every kilometer thereafter. Aside from these, you can also get a closed van truck the same day using the delivery courier app. The closed van has a standard rate of ₱2,150 and ₱30 for per kilometer covered. In addition to the standard rate, we offer a full-day service for 10 hours. Refer to the table below for the rates.

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Vehicle TypeStandard RateFull Day Rate
+ ₱20 Per KM
Economy Extra Space₱290
+ ₱20 Per KM
+ ₱30 Per KM
Closed Van₱2,150
+ ₱50 Per KM
Closed Van Extra Space₱2,550
+ ₱50 Per KM

Businesses or SMEs can learn more about how Transportify’s unparalleled same-day delivery courier app in Metro Manila and Pampanga can improve their businesses by visiting our Business Program page or emailing at business@transportify.com.ph or contact our customer service team, we are open 24/7 to answer your inquiries! Check out our blogs are well for the latest updates of our services.

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