How to Choose the Right Delivery Service Provider

There is a real element of handing over control whenever you send a package.  You find yourself putting your, sometimes very expensive, goods in the hands of complete strangers and hoping that it finds its way through several different handlers to its destination.  Surrendering control to this degree can be worrying, especially if you are […]

Door to Door Delivery for Business

One of the most problematic and time-consuming tasks of running a business that deals with physical products is the shipping associated with distributing your orders.  No one enjoys having to pack and label countless products, but there is a very good chance that if this is a regular task for you then you have gotten […]

Is Live Delivery Tracking Necessary?

One of the many benefits of the Transportify system is the use of our app by both our customers and our drivers. This provide quite a few easy to access features, but one of the ones that is most frequently used is the ability to track and trace your delivery live within the app. It […]

Transportify Introduces More Provincial Delivery Routes

Since Transportify launched its long haul delivery service, sending goods to major provincial cities in Luzon are made convenient for business owners. To provide easier access to quality delivery service and to further solve first to last mile logistics needs of SME’s and big companies, Transportify long haul delivery is extending its logistics operation to […]

Why Business Owners Choose Transportify for their Business

Logistics is truly important when it comes to businesses. It affects the inflow of supplies and materials, as well as the outflow of products to your customers. If the nature of your business is primarily making deliveries and sending products to customers, then all the more reason to read this blog. Because product delivery holds […]