Couriers in the Philippines

Couriers in the Philippines

Couriers often have very high expectations placed on them in regard to speed of delivery and keeping costs as low as possible, but there are a lot of other challenges that couriers face that people often don’t consider.  Even though Transportify are experts in logistics management, and we thoroughly screen and train our staff, problems do arise.  These are a few of the most common problems our drivers face, and you’ll see that many of them are fairly universal.


People are fallible, it is a simple fact of life that we all make mistakes, but machines are also a long way from perfect.  This is arguably because they have been designed and produced by fallible human beings, but regardless of the philosophy involved, machines fail and vans breakdown.  Even with the best maintenance in the world, our ex: expansive fleet will occasionally experience technical issues and we will have unexpected breakdowns and vans suddenly off the road.  Obviously, every reasonable measure is taken to ensure this doesn’t happen, but there are times when there is nothing you can do accept arrange for the deliveries to be passed to another driver and call a tow truck.


Sadly, the roads in the Philippines aren’t the safest place in the world, and there are times when unfortunate road users will have accidents.  There doesn’t have to be anyone at fault, (although there often clearly is), but accidents do happen and having to deal with the fallout of this, even if the vehicle is perfectly usable, takes time.  Handling the other drivers, insurance issues and the police all add up and this can delay deliveries, regardless of how fast our drivers want to sort the situation.


Sticking with that theme of technology and machines not being perfect, there are plenty of examples scattered across the internet of times when navigation tools have failed.  Instances of drivers blindly following satnavs into rivers or tunnels that are too small for their vehicles are worryingly common, but there is also the other end of this spectrum where properties and addresses are hard to find.  Satnavs are only as accurate as their last update, and there are times when new properties aren’t added to public maps for many months after their completion and of course there is the possibility of errors in the data.  Our mapping system is very reliable as it is based on very robust data, but nothing is beyond fault and there will be time when drivers do struggle to find an address.

These three issues face deliver drivers the world over, and our couriers in the Philippines are no different.  Having such a mix of dense cities and sparse rural areas means that delivering packages around the Philippines can pose a real challenge, especially for inexperienced drivers.  Fortunately, our drivers are very well trained and equipped to handle these situations, but things go wrong for everyone at some point or another.  The true strength of an individual is how to handle an unforeseen situation, and we are always there for our drivers and our customers, whatever life may throw at them.


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