Delivery Optimization via Logistics Software and Freight API [For Business]

Delivery Optimization via Logistics Software and Freight API

Companies all over the world are constantly thinking of ways to make processes more efficient. Whether it is streamlining the hiring process, recording customer orders or managing payrolls, achieving optimal efficiency levels is the goal of every company. In the field of logistics, delivery optimization is being sought by many companies in order to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. One way of achieving this is by integrating with a logistics software to streamline delivery processes. In this article, we will discuss the importance and benefits of freight API for your business.

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In the Philippines, logistics operations are necessary for any business. The fact that we are a country composed of more than 7,000 islands supports the claim that logistics is an essential operation for any company. From getting raw materials to delivering finished goods to warehouses or distribution centers, logistics is in every step of the way. Thus, achieving delivery optimization is an important goal for every business since this would mean getting more deliveries done with less resources used.

There are many strategies a company can employ in order to achieve better delivery optimization levels. It could procure more delivery trucks in order to satisfy all the logistics requirements. However, this strategy would be expensive since it would entail a large investment to procure those delivery vehicles. Another way of fulfilling delivery requirements is to service the routes that can only be supported by the company’s in house fleet of delivery trucks. Unfortunately, this strategy inhibits the company from expanding to other places.

Thus, one of the best ways to streamline and optimize delivery requirements is to integrate your company’s system with a third party logistics software. This method opens up doors to many possibilities when it comes to delivery optimization and making logistics processes more efficient. Read more to learn about how freight API integration is important in order to boost efficiency in handling deliveries.

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Why Is Logistics Software Integration Important for Business?

Automating tasks is a good strategy to improve productivity while lowering costs. Since the advent of computers, many companies have looked at task automation to produce more output in a shorter amount of time and with less possibility of error. Manufacturing companies rely on automation software and systems to exponentially increase the capacity of production plants. For example, many car manufacturers use a variety of automated assembly equipment powered by sophisticated software in order to increase yield capacity and improve efficiency.

In the field of logistics, automating deliveries and other trucking operations is important if a company wants to be more efficient. The usual way of automating deliveries is by integrating with a logistics software that can streamline processes while maintaining high service levels. By integrating your company’s app with a logistics software like Transportify, data transfer and communication between the two systems will be much easier, paving the way for delivery optimization. Thus, freight API or logistics software integration is very beneficial to a business because it enables activities like getting price quotes, creating bookings and tracking them easier and faster.

Below are more reasons that show why system and logistics integration is important for companies.

Manage deliveries easily

Before the concept of logistics software integration was introduced to the trucking industry, the process for getting a price quote is quite tedious and only gives an approximation of the actual amount to be paid. The process starts with selecting the vehicle class, indicating the dimensions of the cargo to be loaded, determining the delivery date and more. Thus, the simple activity of getting a price quote from a trucking company is quite long and consumes a lot of time.

Freight API integration with a logistics software is the solution to cut down on many unnecessary steps for a simple task like getting a price quote. Instead of doing step by step the process narrated in the example above, freight API integration can simply access the database of the logistics software and give you the actual price quote instantly. With just a few clicks on the app, you can already get a delivery booking.

Reduce Operating Costs

Usually, the concept of getting more deliveries in a short period of time means procuring more delivery vehicles in order to have plenty of trucks to fulfill logistics requirements. However, that is not necessary to achieve delivery optimization when your business is integrated with a company with freight API capabilities. Since integrating with a freight API company eliminates the need to procure more delivery vehicles, it is clear that integrating with a logistics software can bring about plenty of cost savings.

Furthermore, API integration is capable of automating plenty of logistics activities such as making delivery bookings. This translates to savings in time, a very important resource. Thus, a manager can spend less time handling the logistics side of business and more time on key business processes like product innovation, sales and marketing.

Enhanced Operational Flexibility

In today’s world, adapting to a wide variety of circumstances is necessary in order to thrive. In the field of business, these unforeseen circumstances can be in the form of sudden change in consumer demand which means more deliveries are needed in a short span of time or weather conditions that make logistics operations very difficult. Integrating with a freight API company gives businesses plenty of room for flexibility because they have the capability to manage bookings at any time. This means they can adjust delivery bookings accordingly depending on the situation.

On top of that, this capability to manage delivery bookings offered by a freight API company like Transportify is not only given to a single individual in the company. Managers and supervisors can make use of the logistics software at any time and use their own devices to monitor delivery operations and take appropriate action in case there are any problems.


Freight API integration with Transportify

Many experts in the field of logistics agree that digitization is the future of logistics. Among the many solutions that can achieve digitization of logistics, API integration was given much importance. The reason is that integration with a logistics software enables enhanced communication and data technology transfer between two systems. This means many tasks like making delivery bookings and edit booking requests can be automated enabling a more efficient delivery process. Thus, it is no wonder that many international freight forwarding companies utilize API integration to provide better logistics services to their customers.

Linking your app with a company having freight application program interface integration is a sure step in the direction towards delivery optimization. By doing so, your company would save on operational costs and time wasted on inefficient delivery structures. Transporify, a freight API company, has the necessary logistics software and technology to integrate your business delivery operations with the Transportify delivery app. This setup will increase the efficiency and optimization of your delivery operations since you will be able to automate activities like creating and managing bookings.

Businesses in regular need of on-demand delivery should explore the option of integrating with Transportify. Integrating with Transportify will yield many benefits such as cost savings and more efficient delivery operations. It will greatly enhance their logistics capabilities and is a right step in the direction towards delivery optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some ways to achieve delivery optimization?

✔️ Achieving delivery optimization can be done through a number of different ways. First, a company can create a protocol or a set of rules that would best suit a kind of delivery, like fixed priceroute or last mile delivery. Another way would be to partner up with a third party logistics provider. However, the best solution for a company to achieve delivery optimization would be API integration.

What is a logistics software?

✔️ Simply stated, a logistics software is a program application built to let businesses manage the different assets of their delivery operations. It allows for a smoother and more efficient way of managing logistics operations of a company. Furthermore, it allows businesses or companies to automate certain processes related to logistics operations.

What are some companies with Freight API integration capabilities?

✔️ In the international setting, companies like DHL and Maersk have API integration capabilities. This means that you can integrate your app with these international freight forwarders and be able to automate delivery bookings. In the local setting, Transportify is an on-demand logistics company capable of delivering nationwide. It has API integration capabilities which would enable companies to greatly improve the performance of their logistics operations.


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