Why Business Owners Choose Transportify for their Business

Is Your Logistics Company Fit For Your Business

Logistics is truly important when it comes to businesses. It affects the inflow of supplies and materials, as well as the outflow of products to your customers. If the nature of your business is primarily making deliveries and sending products to customers, then all the more reason to actually find the best logistic company for your business.

Would you believe The perfect logistics provider that’s fit for most businesses is from an app? That’s right, Transportify is an on-demand app that provides same-day delivery and logistics services. You can scan the QR code or click any of the buttons to download Transportify now!

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If you’re not using Transportify yet, Assess your current situation—is your current logistics company fit for your business? Are they providing everything your business needs? Check the list below to find out what makes a reliable logistics company in the Philippines.

So how do you know if a logistics company is fit for your business?

They should be able to do express delivery

in this day and age, people usually look for express delivery services.

They should have reliable drivers

Good delivery service is not just about speed – It is about reliability of the driver as well.

express delivery
transparent delivery price

They should have transparent pricing

You want an honest and reliable delivery service for your business with no hidden charges.

They should have wide range of fleet

Various delivery vehicles mean you have more vehicle choices when it comes to sending your goods to customers.

same day delivery vehicle
track and trace delivery

They should provide a reliable tracking system

A good track-and-trace feature will be beneficial to your business.

They should have a Business Program

A good business program specially designed for entrepeneurs’ needs will be a big help to business’ growth

delivery for business

Evaluating your current logistics company is important as they serve a great purpose to your business. If you have assessed them and learned that they cannot live up to the standards of your business, then you should find a new logistics company in the Philippines—one that is fast, reliable, and understanding of the needs of your business.

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