Affordable Courier & Delivery Truck Price (40% Savings)

Affordable Courier & Delivery Truck Price (40% Savings)

Transportify is committed to offering affordable courier service and delivery truck price without compromising the quality of service. If you still don’t believe us, you can get  a price estimate of our services and confirm that we’re the most affordable courier with our price calculator. Getting the estimate of our affordable courier and delivery truck price is fast and easy. Once you select the vehicle and address, the calculator gives you the point-to-point delivery truck price

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In the Philippines, consumer behavior tends toward purchasing items online and waiting for those goods to be delivered at their doorstep. Thus, it is no surprise that many businesses rely on courier and delivery services to move goods to distribution centers or straight to a customer’s home. The fast paced lifestyle, long hours of work and irregular shifts in the work schedule make it difficult for business owners to take care of everyday tasks such as delivering their products to customers. Instead of focusing on the production and innovation of products, a business owner has to devote time, money and energy to deliver the goods to clients. Furthermore, it is expensive and added work for the business owner to set up and maintain his or her own fleet of delivery trucks. Instead of focusing on the production and innovation of products, a business owner has to devote time, money and energy to deliver the goods to clients. 

Why Should Transportify Be Your Trusted Logistics Partner?

That is why Transportify is revolutionizing the landscape by offering affordable courier and delivery truck prices with a wide range of vehicles and excellent service to fulfill your needs. A business owner need not worry about handling the logistics part business. The best courier in the Philippines has got you covered. Experience the convenience of flexible booking schedules, Real time visibility and notification, wide range of vehicle options and affordable prices with just a push of a button.

The economy vehicle is the most affordable courier service option for your cargo. Economy vehicles can carry loads of up to 300kg and five feet in length. Since they are not the largest vehicles in the Transportify fleet, they are mostly used for smaller and more delicate packages like flower bouquets, multi-tiered cakes, glassware products and even huge stuffed toys! For delivery of larger and heavier cargoes, such as sacks of rice, boxes of canned goods and small to medium sized appliances and furniture, choose from among our delivery vans which include L300, Hiace, H100 and Urvan models. These vehicles can carry loads of up to 1000kg and seven feet in length. 

For transporting large volumes of goods, our variety of delivery trucks and freight forwarding vehicles will do the job for you. Transportify has 10-Wheeler Wing Van, Pick Up Trucks and Reefer Trucks for its Business Program clients. With many options to choose from, companies are sure to find an affordable courier and the best delivery truck prices in Transportify. Here’s a table to give you a quick summary of our rates. To learn more, please continue reading.

Vehicle TypeCargo DimensionCapacityBase Price
Vehicle TypeCargo DimensionCapacityPrice Starts At
L: 3.5 ft x W: 2 ft x H: 2.5 ft200 kg₱120
IsEconomy Extra Space
L: 5 ft x W: 3.2 ft x H: 2.8 ft300 kg₱140
IsL300/VanL: 7 ft x W: 4 ft x H: 4 ft1000 kg₱430
Pickup TruckL: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open2000 kg₱1800
Pickup Truck Extra SpaceL: 14 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open2000 kg₱2200
4W Closed VanClosed Van
L: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 6 ft2000 kg₱1800
6W Closed VanClosed Van Extra Space
L: 14 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 6 ft2000 kg₱2100
Long Pickup TruckL: 18 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open7000 kg₱4850
Vehicle 10 Wheeler Wing Van Icon10w Wing VanL: 32 ft x W: 7.8 ft x H: 7.8 ft15000 kg₱7500
reefer truck with decalReefer TruckL: 14 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 6 ft2000 kg₱2700
Mini Dump TruckL: 10 ft x W: 6 ft x H: Open3500 kg₱1500
6w Fwd TruckL: 18 ft x W: 6 ft x H: 7 ft7000 kg₱4850



How Much per Vehicle?


Transportify’s economy vehicle is the most low cost vehicle among our fleet with its base price starting at 120.00 in Metro Manila and ₱ 90.00 elsewhere, and adds 20.00 per kilometer travelled. You can also book for a full day of 10 hours for 1,800 in Metro Manila and 1,700 everywhere else.


L300 van rental for delivery have a base price of 430.00 in Metro Manila and 330.00 elsewhere and cost 27-22.00 per kilometer travelled. The full-day rate with unlimited destination costs 2,800.00 in Metro Manila and 2,600.00 everywhere else. 

3Closed Van

Do you want to protect your goods from rain or the scorching heat of the sun and yet enjoy low cost and excellent service? Transportify is the answer to your needs. Our 4 wheeler closed van courier delivery truck price starts at 1800.00 as the base rate for Metro Manila and ₱ 1450.00 for the rest of Luzon. It will cost you additional 23.00-30.00 per kilometer travelled depending on the service area. You just need to add 300.00 from the base rate if you want to upgrade to a 6 wheeler closed van. You may book our Transportify truck for a full day with a flat rate of 6,000.00 in unlimited destinations within the standard service area for 10 hours which is the usual booked service of medium-sized businesses and multinational companies.

410W Wing Van

For large businesses, truck transport is an essential part of the company’s logistics need. Our 10 wheel wing van is currently the largest delivery truck in our platform which  costs 7,500 for the base price and additional 85 per km for destinations less than 40 km,  65 per km if the destination is between 40-199 km, ₱ 60 per km if the destination is between 200-299 km and ₱ 50 per km if the destination is beyond 300 km.

5Pick Up Truck

Transportify Pickup trucks are best used for transporting construction equipment and materials such as metal tubes, scaffolding poles, and other types of cargo with a longer height which will not fit in a regular closed van truck. Base price for a Pick Up truck in Metro Manila is 1,800 and 2,200 for Pick Up Truck Extra Space. There is also the option to book the pick up truck for a whole day for just 6,000. 

6Long Pick Up Truck

The long pickup trucks are best suited for on-demand transportation of high volume cargo, goods, and merchandise anywhere in Luzon. The length of a Long Pick Up Truck is 21 ft and could carry loads up to 7,000 kg. The base delivery truck price starts at 4,850 and adds 70 per km.

7Reefer Trucks

There are some goods such as seafood and vegetables which require cold temperatures when in transit to maintain its quality. In hot countries like the Philippines, it is especially necessary that specialized vehicles with temperature regulating features are used to transport these goods. Reefer delivery trucks are refrigerated closed van units used for transporting perishable goods at specific temperatures. Base price is 2,700 and adds 50 per km.

8Mini Dump truck

Construction hauling is a very vibrant industry today. There are many on-going construction projects happening in different parts of the country. Because of this, Transportify recently launched their Mini Dump Trucks for different construction and debris needs. You may now book a construction vehicle from any point in Luzon with a base price of ₱1500 and additional ₱40 per km of delivery.

Online entrepreneurs boost their sales with our efficient and affordable courier services. Customers also have the option to add an extra destination for their cargo truck delivery service  with a maximum of 10 drop off destinations. We also offer affordable delivery truck price transportation of cargo to provinces in Luzon with our fixed price route service. Pay as low as 1,000 all-in to deliver your goods to key cities around Luzon. Currently servicing pick-up from Pampanga and Metro Manila with drop-off to Baguio City, Dagupan City, Batangas City, San Pablo, Lipa, Tarlac City, Cabanatuan, Subic, and Lucena with more cities to launch soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Transportify an affordable courier?

💰 Transportify is an affordable courier because of the low base prices and it gives its valued customers the freedom to choose the kind of services they want to include and pay for. For example, the base price of an economy vehicle (sedan) is only 120 and an additional 20 per kilometer. Furthermore, there is also an option of “Special Help” which means that the driver follows a procedure of handling the cargo as specified by the client. For economy vehicles, this cargo freight forwarding service is only 60 per destination for the first and second destinations and additional 30 per destination for the 3rd up to the 10th destination.

What kind of delivery trucks are being used by Transportify?

💰 Transportify has a wide range of delivery trucks to suit the business needs and requirements of every customer. These trucks are: Closed Van, 10 Wheeler Wing Van, PickUp Truck, Long Pick Up Truck, and Reefer Trucks for goods that require a specific temperature while in transit. Transportify offers the most affordable and flexible delivery truck prics available in the market. You can download the app now to start booking.


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