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Cargo freight Forwarder Logistics Company Philippines

The Philippines in Southeast Asia is notable for its robust electronics exports. According to the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), the country continues to grow strongly, with a GDP growth of 6.9% in the first quarter of 2016. The economic growth is driving an increase in investor interest in industries, particularly cargo forwarder and cargo company in the Philippines.

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Industries related to this are domestic cargo freight company, merchandise, transporters of goods and materials, inventory management, freight forwarding service, and storage and inventory. Together, these are referred to as supply chain management services or SCM.

Supply chain management or SCM interconnects the primary transport and roles of freight logistics companies in the Philippines. SCM includes the importer, exporter, storage, management of commercial goods, domestic movers, and freight forwarding cargo companies in Manila.

Inspire Ventures is among the international investors who have stepped up their interest in the Philippines. They are one of Southeast Asia’s most active venture builders. Inspire launched Transportify in Mega Manila in 2015. Since then, the operations have expanded throughout mainland Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao via interisland trucking deliveries.

What Are Examples Of Cargo?

Transporting cargo with a cargo company in the Philippines is a vital part of business operations that involves moving goods and materials using various modes of transportation like land, sea, and air from one location to another. Here are the types of cargo businesses transport that can vary according to industry, size, and location.

Raw Materials

Some of the most commonly transported cargo of a cargo freight company in the manufacturing industry include raw materials like iron ore, coal, petroleum, and wood chips. Delivering these raw materials promptly and safely takes a lot of preparation and coordination. Manufacturers partner with transportation-focused freight logistics Philippines to transfer their cargo effectively and affordably. They employ a variety of transportation methods, depending on the distance and urgency of the product, including trucks and ships.

Finished Goods

Products that have undergone processing and are now marketed as “finished goods” From their warehouses to retail outlets or clients, freight and logistics companies move finished goods, including clothing, electronics, and home appliances. Retail businesses are most likely to partner with a cargo service company in the Philippines to deliver orders to customers, especially when ordered online.

Agricultural Products

The transportation needs of agricultural businesses are significant and diverse, but with the help of a cargo company in the Philippines, this can ease the process. Farmers require transportation to convey their harvests from the fields to processing plants, marketplaces, and ports where they are sold to other countries. Crops such as fruits and vegetables must be cared for and chilled throughout shipment to ensure their quality and freshness.

Agricultural businesses may require specialized equipment and vehicles, such as refrigerated trucks for perishable items and livestock trailers for animals. A cargo freight company should ensure to maintain the vehicles and equipment in excellent condition and ensuring compliance with safety regulations is critical for safely and efficiently transporting items.


How Does Transportify Offer Quality Cargo Forwarding Service?

Transportify is a tech logistics company in the Philippines. It is Inspire Ventures’ answer to Supply Chain Management or SCM disruption. As a reliable cargo company in the Philippines, its technology-driven platform, Transportify, will reduce cargo trucking costs and increase efficiency for SMEs operating in Mega Manila, Pampanga, and its surrounding areas.

For more information about Transportify’s cargo truck services and their name as a cargo freight company, please visit our website’s Fleet and Pricing page. You can also get an instant quote using our Price Estimator. Ready to book a vehicle? Click the button below to rent a delivery vehicle using our app.

We aim to support businesses toward better logistics fulfillment. For interested business partners, email us your inquiries at may also refer to the table below to learn the advantages of joining our program.

Business Program
Program Features
Live SupportOpen 24/7
Postpay with Monthly InvoicingAvailable
DestinationsA total of 16 destinations can be added in every booking
2.50% of invoice
Min of 80 PHP
(Flat Fee/Booking)
POD Only
80 PHP for ≤ 3 destinations
160 PHP for ≤ 10 destinations
200 PHP for ≤ 15 destinations
Insurance and WarrantyUp to 3 million PHP coverage from OONA Insurance
Nationwide Service AreaAvailable
Interisland and Same Day Trucking in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
Business Web DashboardTeam Account Management Customized Reports
Corporate Account

Importers and exporters of goods in the Philippines frequently face several problems when delivering their products to their clients. That’s why a business should hire a professional freight forwarder Philippines to help them solve these shipping obstacles.

Freight companies serve as intermediaries between the business that hires them and the transportation services responsible for acquiring the products from overseas suppliers, investors, and customers. It also includes handlers, carriers, and customs authorities.

The number of operatives involved in the freight for bringing items from the suppliers to the customers may vary depending on the last destination and the type of products sold. Though, the main goal of the freight logistics companies is always the same: to deliver undamaged products and arrive according to ETA (Estimated Arrival Time).

Moreover, if anything happens during the shipping process, the freight forwarder can offer the client a warrant of up to 3 million PHP here in Transportify PH to reimburse possible losses.


Forwarders in the Philippines help businesses to prepare and package their products. The task may vary depending on the level of complexity and according to the product’s last destination. In some cases, a specific product needs to be shipped in cargo containers and loaded and unloaded several times along the shipping route. These items may also be placed in different temperatures – high and low atmospheres. Sometimes, they can also experience volatile weather affecting freight ships.
Nevertheless, air-shipped items are needed to have lighter-weight packaging to prevent spending too much on freight.


Aside from packaging, third party cargo and freight company also helps with labeling. They make sure that the packages contain essential information such as:

  • List of the products present in the shipping container
  • List of any hazardous items
  • Port of entry details
  • Correct information about the weight, which reflects in kilograms and pounds
  • Location of origin


Shipping items, especially freight, and items that come from overseas require a different level of complex documentation that needs a piece of specialist knowledge to handle the case. It includes the following details:

  • The contract between the owner and carrier
  • Commercial invoice
  • Proof of Origin
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • License to ship
  • Packing list

Freight or Pilipinas cargo and freight company like Transportify help businesses when it comes to shipping and receiving a task, which can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty for the company. Also, they have excellent 24/7 customer service, which can promptly accommodate the customer’s inquiries.

Qualities of Top Logistics Companies in the Philippines

In today’s modern approach to doing business, business owners look for their suppliers online. Sometimes, a forwarding company that appears on the first page of the search engine result page is often the best one. However, an internet algorithm might not be equivalent to how things get done.

Here’s the catch: how can you know which freight trucking company in the Philippines is the best forwarder?

Logistics is coordinated and well-organized goods delivery that follows particular methods by utilizing multiple and different transport equipment. Though it sounds mechanical, what you can see on Google searches may affect your decision when finding the best logistics and forwarding company for your business. As mentioned earlier, not all the top searches are the best; some know how to manipulate the search engine algorithm as a marketing strategy.

To help you find the best logistics company in the Philippines for your cargo and freight company, some things need to be considered to create a wise and better judgment.

Capacity and Capabilities of the Logistics Company

When looking for truck freight shipping services in the Philippines that will perfectly match your business needs, you first need to know the capability to handle every aspect of the process professionally.

1. What Items Can They Move?
Identify which vehicles they will use as a freight forwarder company. Check if the company can carry those items using multiple carriers like ships, trucks, or even planes.

Moreover, trucks are the essential carrier among these three. Suppose the logistics company has a fleet of large vehicles in tip-top condition, then for sure. In that case, that cargo freight forwarding company is one of the best logistics in the Philippines – Transportify.

2. Where Can They Move?
Reliable cargo and freight company should have a fleet of trucks that can safely move your goods and fragile items to almost any location in the Philippines. So, whether it’s purely by land or to be loaded on a ship, they can make sure that the items will be transferred to their final destination, complete and undamaged.

3. How Can They Move the Items?
For the logistics to be successful, it needs to set a detailed and compact process that will surely work efficiently.

The best freight forwarder for your business is the one who is responsible for these processes, and they know how to execute them flawlessly and effectively.
Regardless of the resources, equipment, and carriers, a logistics company has, an efficient and reliable one can make things happen smoothly and hassle-free. Aside from the shipping equipment they currently have, let the financial capacity create a salient part of how they can assess your business’s future logistic needs. Also, their financial security or warranty can assure every client that your logistic partner is responsible when they move your goods.

How Much Is Transportify For Cargo Forwarding Service?

The cost of Transportify’s cargo forwarding service will depend on the location, distance, and type of cargo that needs to be transported. Factors such as additional services like multiple locations and route optimization will also influence the rate. It is best to contact our logistics experts for a tailored quotation based on your unique requirements. Our team can provide you with an accurate estimate so you can plan and budget accordingly. We are committed to delivering excellent service at competitive rates!

Transportify provides multiple cargo forwarding solutions and service types. Our solutions are affordable and will improve your business’s efficiency. We offer reliable shipping services that ensure safe and timely delivery. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get the most out of our logistics services!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which logistics company in the Philippines provides ground transportation?

🚚 A start-up logistics company that’s quickly being recognized in SEA is Transportify or known Globally as Deliveree, a tech-powered logistics company specializing in ground transportation of freight in Metropolitan areas.

How much do freight forwarders charge?

🚚 Freight forwarders usually charge around P10,000-P50,000 depending on the size of your cargo and mode of transportation, other charges also include handling fees, pick-up fees, and other taxes. If you’re looking for an alternative for forwarding your cargo around mainland Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  you can use Transportify, which only charges you based on the vehicle you booked, distance, and extra services you availed of, which is why they cost more than 40% less.


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