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5 Lipat Bahay Tips

5 lipat bahay tips

Moving to a new house, locally called lipat bahay or lipat-bahay, may be stressful because of the congested road traffic in the Philippines. Transporting household items won’t be easy, especially if the delivery pickup or destination is within Manila. Due to moving houses issues Filipinos usually face, Transportify prepared some lipat bahay tips to make your experience more convenient.

Prepare Early

Filipinos are known for their last-minute decisions during planned events and trips. Well, you should really avoid this when you’re about to move houses. Moving a whole household will occupy a lot of your time, which means you better start early.

Keep in mind that you will be packing all sorts of years-long collected family possessions from bed sheets to living room furniture to kitchen appliances. Depending on the number of items you will bring, packing could last for days. It will be easier for you and your chosen logistics provider if the only thing left to do upon their arrival is loading your stuff into their vehicle.

Get Organized

Aside from preparing early, another way to hasten your packing is by being organized. Organizing your items is a very effective way of time management. You can also make a checklist so you can monitor which items you have and have not yet packed.

Before you start packing and before you begin unleashing household chaos, consider all the items that you’ll be bringing with you. Identify the items according to their type and size, and if they are fragile or not so you can sort which items go together in one box. You should also consider how often an item is used on a daily basis so you can decide which items to pack first and which item to pack last. Make sure to label the moving boxes according to the category of their contents (i.e. kids’ toys, dining plates, baby clothes).

Organized packing and having a checklist will not only help in packing but also in unpacking. Labeled boxes prevent confusion and the checklist will help you easily see if there are any missing items.

Consider the Date and Time

Deciding on the date and time of moving is important both for you and your chosen transportation delivery service provider. Lipat bahay is more convenient if done during a sunny day and when there is no heavy traffic. To pick the best time and date for moving, keep updated on the local weather forecast and schedule a booking when there is least possibility of rain—you don’t want your valued items to get wet during loading and unloading, do you? We also suggest that you pick a time that will avoid rush hour, thus avoiding being stuck in traffic.

Estimate Expenses

For some, lipat bahay is an expensive task because of high moving truck rental rates. Those who wish to save money choose cheaper options like renting a passenger jeepney. However, cheaper options are not always safe for the furniture and appliances.

A better way to save money is by doing early research for different available options. Avoid relying on one truck rental service a friend recommended as there are many ways to find a moving truck nowadays. You can browse the Internet for nearby available logistics provider and the prices they have for the services they offer, helping you pick the one that best suits your budget.

However, you should make sure that your delivery service choice will present a detailed pricelist so you won’t be surprised of unexpected charges. With Transportify, clients can see our detailed Fleet and Pricing page—a guarantee that we won’t surprise you with lately-announced additional charges that aren’t included in the transaction.

Select the Right Logistics Provider

Of course, a large part of the lipat bahay success is selecting the right delivery service. You should consider the prices they offer, the services they are capable of, and their reputation in the logistics industry. With Transportify, you can be sure of our price transparency through our detailed Fleet and Pricing information. You can customize our lipat bahay services according to your needs and you can ensure the safety of your valued possessions with our app’s Track and Trace feature.

Please take note that delivery items involved in lipat bahay service are subject to a limited warranty policy, which means that we will take responsibility for any items lost, damaged, or stolen during its Transportify shipping. Our on-demand delivery app can also accept same day bookings and it’s very easy to use. With just a few taps on your mobile phone or a few clicks on your desktop  or laptop, a moving van for lipat bahay will be at your service.