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Rent a Van from Transportify Philippines!

Rent a Van from Transportify Philippines Infographics (1)

Filipinos are known for being crafty when it comes to improvising. They can find ways to turn vans that are meant for passengers into delivery vehicles. Thus, vans like L300, H100, HiAce, and Urvan have been modified to fulfill delivery needs of small-to-medium entrepreneurs, just like what Transportify did. Turning vans into delivery vehicles are a great deal as there are local roads where vehicles as big as delivery trucks cannot fit in.

If you are curious about the different kinds of vans we use to deliver business products and personal items, then here are the vans you can rent in the Philippines through Transportify!

L300 Vans

In the Philippines, L300 vans are also called multicab once they are modified into public utility vehicles. L300 vans often look like smaller versions of closed vans with windows on the sides.

H100 Vans

H100 Vans are like longer versions of L300 vans. The only difference is that H100 vans can be modified into small pickup trucks and they have sleeker design, compared to L300 vans. Nevertheless, they both make a reliable delivery van for rent in the Philippines.

HiAce Vans

HiAce vans are often used for transportation during family and group outings. This van model is large enough to accommodate 15 passengers. With its spacious interior and air-conditioning system, HiAce vans are very much recommended for delivering large numbers of flower bouquets and cake products.

Urvan Vans

Urvan van models may be 15-seater to 18-seater, and clearly have spacious interior just like HiAce vans. Just like all the other vans, Urvan has a rear door which can be used to make the loading and unloading of packages safer and easier for Transportify drivers and clients.

Van Capacities

Although there are different models under our van option, the weight and size limit we set for them are the same. They all have a maximum weight limit of 1,000 kg, and they can all accommodate items no longer than 210 cm, no wider than 125 cm, and no higher than 125 cm.

If you would like to rent a van here in the Philippines through Transportify’s delivery services, feel free to visit our Fleet and Pricing page for more details about the van option’s pricing.