10-Wheeler Wing Van Truck Transport [Luzon-Wide]


Here at Transportify, we take great pride in offering our valued clients variety. That means a variety of vehicles to choose from, a variety of delivery options, and a variety of ways to streamline your business and ultimately save money. No matter how big or small your business, we have the systems in place to accommodate your every logistics solutions. So, if you need to make a few personal deliveries and only require a smaller vehicle, we can assist you. Alternatively, if you’ve got your hands are full and need a 10 wheeler truck, then you’ll be pleased to learn that we can accommodate you as well. Consider us your “wing van.”

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What Are the Benefits of Truck Transport?

Truck transport is an essential part of a large company’s logistics needs. A 10 wheeler wing van truck can not only deliver huge quantities of goods across the Luzon, but they’re also incredibly easy to load and unload. As the wings of the vehicle rise, the goods can be stacked or unloaded without having to lug everything out the back of the truck. This is just one of the many benefits of truck transport. What are the rest?

Other benefits of high-tech truck transport are cost and energy efficiency, straightforward tracking, professional driver partners, and an easy set-up for last mile delivery service.  More details about each item below:

Cost and energy-efficient

Using a ten wheeler truck to handle large deliveries is much more cost-effective than having several private vans carry smaller loads over the same distance. Additionally, you’ll be significantly reducing your carbon footprint by adopting such an approach. Again, the last mile deliveries can be handled by smaller vehicles over shorter distances, ultimately finding the most efficient way of handling your delivery logistics.

Wing Van FeaturesDetails
Vehicle Type and RateRegular 10w (32ft, 12tons): 7000 PHP
Extra Load (32ft, 15tons): 7400 PHP
Extra Load (32ft, 20tons): 9150 PHP
Extra Load (32ft, 25tons): 11200 PHP
Extra Load (40ft, 28tons): 11700 PHP
Booking Lead TimeWing Van 32ft = 4 Hours
Wing Van 40ft = 12 hours
Extra Helper1 Extra helper already included

450 PHP for Second Extra Helper
Loading and UnloadingDriver and extra helper must load
and unload within reasonable and
humane expectations.
Toll fees and ParkingThe driver may request for
reimbursement of tolls and
parking expenses if your
desired route includes
such expenses.
Road RestrictionsProhibited from selected roads
in Metro Manila from 6am to 10am
and 5pm to 10pm every day
except Sundays and holidays.


The rate for 10 wheeler wing van includes one Extra Helper, driver’s fee, vehicle use, fuel, and full-service (loading and unloading). Parking and tolls are extra and will be subject to reimbursement.

Straightforward tracking

In addition to all of these other benefits, it’s a lot easier to track the one 10w wing van, particularly if you’re going through a third party delivery company like Transportify. We use GPS tracking software that will enable you to keep an eye on your truck transport every step of the way.

Professional drivers

Of course, not just anyone is allowed to get behind the wheel of a sizeable ten wheeler wing van. Our drivers go through rigorous training to ensure that they are exceptionally skilled and able to carry such heavy loads with precision, professionalism, and careful consideration. If you are worried about the integrity of your goods and want them to arrive safely at their desired destinations, using a 10 wheeler truck wing van for your truck transport service through Transportify is undoubtedly the way to go!

Setting you up for last-mile deliveries

A 10-wheeler truck like a wing van can carry the majority of your goods to a specified location or warehouse. There, they can unload and prepare for the “last mile” deliveries. This is essentially a group of smaller vehicles and delivery drivers that will then disperse the rest of the goods and get them to their final destination quickly and efficiently. Using a third-party logistics company that offers a wide range of delivery truck transport choices is the most effective way of handling your supply chain process.

Our wing van truck transport caters to all deliveries in Mega Manila to any point in Luzon. To book, schedule your deliveries 24 hours before the pick-up time or up to two weeks in advance using the Transportify mobile and web app. Our prices can also be viewed there.


Transportify: Truck Transport Company for eCommerce Logistics

The eCommerce is changing the game for truck transport. Does a wing van truck like 10 wheeler truck have a place in this new era of the high-velocity supply chain, especially as shipments get larger and delivery time is now shrinking?

Consumers buy tons of goods of different types online. Resulting in continuously growing of eCommerce sales, thus it brings not only good news but also considerable challenges to every nation’s supply chain networks and truck transport services providers that offer the backbone of these networks.

The eCommerce sales from 2012 and 2019 have grown with an annual rate of 14.9 percent, which is bigger than the growth for construction material sales, according to a survey. Today, in the year 2020, eCommerce will cater to about 20 percent of all retail sales this year.

The rising eCommerce volumes are starting a truck transport trend towards both smaller and bigger vehicles like 10 wheeler truck wing van because more frequent shipments of all sizes are being delivered annually and nationwide.

Truck transport this year is already a large business in the world of eCommerce. Logistics companies are moving tons of large shipment volumes from different eCommerce platforms and distribution centers, as well as from several manufacturing companies that need deliveries to their retailers.

Truck Transport via Middle Mile

Regardless of where the product will be picked up or where the product is being consumed, from online or construction material stores, it still needs to travel via the middle mile. The wing van truck transport will continue to soar high.

The truck transport services options like dedicated, expedited, pooling, multi-stop, or consolidation of several opportunities provide flexibility should need to be part of the overall shipment transportation strategy for handling eCommerce generated freights.

Today, eCommerce is channeling growth from different areas in the Philippines, but mainly from large scale business that ships tons of enormous volume of shipments every day. Keeping up with the consumers’ demand is the real challenge. All logistics companies provide professional and licensed truck drivers who can perfectly fulfill the shipment requirements.

What Are the Industries That Benefit From Truck Transport Shipments?

Truck transportation such as 10 wheeler truck, wing van, closed van, and open truck provides customized or personalized services to different industries. These industries include appliance and furniture delivery, chemical businesses, and manufacturing companies. There is no doubt that truck transport services these days have become an essential part of supply chain management in several market industries.

Trucking transportation is created to give the most reliable and safest mode of transportation for a large and high volume of shipments to different businesses. Logistics companies provide customized truck transport services based on the customer’s transportation needs.

Here are the following industries that benefit the most from truck transport shipments:

Furniture Movers and Storage Services

Businesses that can cater to furniture moving and storage services benefit the most from a customized truck transport services since they deliver and moving items from one location to another. These big trucks like 10 wheeler trucks and other wing van are designed to have doors that can accommodate large-sized furniture, thereby preventing any potential damage to the items that are being loaded into the truck.

Appliances Delivery

Appliances come in several forms, and some of them may require to travel longer miles before they arrived safely to its intended destination. Lager appliances need bigger spaces; that’s why a truck, like 10 wheeler truck, wing van, and closed van is the perfect fit for this kind of truck transport needs.

Chemical Businesses

Transporting chemicals is quite dangerous; that’s why most chemical companies are looking for a reliable truck that can transport their chemicals while being stored in large containers or tanks. Commercial trucks can cater to the individual needs of loading chemical containers safely while providing easy access.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies who don’t have their in-house trucking transportation are looking for a competent and trustworthy logistics company that can manage their supplies deliveries to their consumers. Every day, they are loading thousands of supplies to retailer shops and consumers. That’s why truck transport services are an essential thing for them.

These are the most common industries that need truck transport services; there are still out there that we didn’t mention are also needing this kind of service. Indeed, truck transport is a must for every business and different types of industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I hire a 10-wheeler wing van in Manila?

🚛 There are trucking operators that have services wherein you can rent different types of trucks. These operators can be found online in web ad pages like Sulit.com and olx. However, Transportify offers the easiest way to book a 10-wheeler wing van. Download the app, and you can even book in advance.

What are wing vans?

🚛 Wing vans are a type of cargo trucks that has its doors open on the side, resembling a wing. These vans are mostly used on high volume shipments and large scale deliveries. With the sides opening as compared to the rear, this makes ingress and egress more convenient for every customer.


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