API Integration for Enterprise Logistics {Top Choice 2024}

API integration for Enterprise Logistics

Businesses all around the world are constantly trying to find ways of making their logistics operations more efficient. This means being able to meet customer expectations of fast and easy deliveries. Usually, after a customer check outs of an online selling platform, retail companies are in a race against time to fulfill that order. The same scenario can be applied to a wholesale delivery company that must replenish distribution centers. Doing delivery operations quickly and efficiently is needed which is why communication and data transfer between the business and the logistics provider must be seamless. To achieve this, API integration is the solution for a company’s enterprise logistics needs.

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Doing delivery operations has evolved greatly throughout the years. It used to be the case that a company must have its own fleet of delivery trucks in order to deliver goods to customers or distribution centers. In the 1980s, trucking companies began establishing themselves in the United States which eventually gave rise to third party logistics providers all around the world. Less than a decade ago, these logistics companies made use of an application to get delivery bookings. Finally, API cargo integration has paved the way for better and faster communication between the logistics provider and the company. This method of connecting two systems together, that of the business and the logistics provider, has greatly improved enterprise logistics operations.

Logistics API integration has contributed positively to a lot of other sectors. In fact, APIs connect everyday items like doorbells and fitness trackers that it is difficult to imagine our lives without these devices. Since it enables two systems to communicate, it is only fitting that API integration is used to connect the system of the client with that of the logistics provider in order to automate processes like creating bookings and managing them. In doing so, a company need not go through the tedious process of planning delivery schedules, figuring out the routes and then calling a delivery company. It can simply use its own app to access the system of the logistics provider and create its own delivery booking. With that setup, the delivery company is able to provide an effective cargo business logistics solution.

The table below shows the processes that can be automated with Transportify API integration.

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API Integration
Get Quote
Get Quote
Create Bookings
Create Bookings
Amend Bookings
Amend Bookings
Manage Bookings
Manage Bookings
Driver Location & ETA
Driver Location & ETA
Delivery Confirmation
Confirm Delivery

What Is Meant by API Integration and How Does It Work?

Application program interface (API) integration is a protocol that enables two systems to communicate with each other. It allows faster data exchanges between the two systems and enables better working functionality. For example a fitness app can do API integration with a GPS app so that users can see the progress of their bike excursion in real time. In a similar manner, an FMCG company can integrate with a cargo delivery app in the Philippines in order to automate processes related to creating a delivery booking.

As mentioned above, API integration works as a set of rules that enables various systems to interact and share data. This is important because when it comes to enterprise logistics freight transportation, communication is a necessity. Lapses in communication translates to plenty of wasted money and managers from both parties do not wish for that to happen. Thus, if it is possible to automate certain processes in order to avoid miscommunication, that method is followed. Transportify is one such logistics company with system integration capability which can connect seamlessly with your business application.


How is API Integration Beneficial for Enterprise Logistics?

Generally speaking, the reason that API integration, also known as systems integration, is helpful in many industries is because it enables different systems to communicate and transfer data with each other. This is important because data transfer is what enables companies to operate. For example, an online retail company is able to process orders thanks to the flow of data in its internal system. In the context of enterprise logistics, API integration enables seamless communication between your company’s system and the delivery company. This translates to more efficient delivery operations with huge savings in logistics costs.

Below are more reasons to do API integration with Transportify.

Huge savings in operational costs

A business does not have to procure delivery trucks in order to support all its logistics requirements. It only needs to partner up with a third party logistics provider with numerous service offerings. API integration is one of the many services that Transportify provides its clients. Through systems integration, a company can simply use its own software to book delivery vehicles in the Transportify system. This eliminates the need to purchase delivery trucks and maintain them, an expense that is huge for any company.

Flexibility in making delivery bookings

One of the reasons why systems integration is utilized by so many companies is because of the flexibility it provides. Because you are linking your own app with that of a delivery company, you have access to it any time and from anywhere. This means being able to monitor and make adjustments to delivery bookings as you see fit. There is no need to chat with a customer service agent requesting to modify your booking since you can manage the booking yourself.

Make more efficient deliveries

As mentioned before, communication is the key in enterprise logistics because it involves multiple assets. The only way things turn out correctly is if coordination is perfect among these assets. Because API integration allows processes to be automated, you are assured that communication and data transfer between your company and the logistics app is seamless. Since coordination is at optimal levels, you can expect deliveries to go efficiently and according to plan. Thus, with system integration capabilities, you can do more while spending less.

Why do API integration with Transportify

If the logistics operations of a business is neglected, then customers would not be able to get the products they delivered which would lead to them looking for other suppliers. Without enterprise logistics operations to support the entire business process, it would be almost impossible to expand to new places and reach new markets. Therefore, a company must do well in its enterprise logistics operations in order to satisfy customers and grow the business.

There are many ways in which a business can improve its enterprise logistics operations. One way would be to purchase more delivery trucks in order to accommodate seasons wherein delivery volume is quite high. However, such a strategy could be very expensive for a business, especially if the company is in its early years of growth. A method proposed in this article is to do systems integration with your app and the Transportify delivery app.

Application program interface integration with Transportify has many advantages because of the enhanced data transfer and communication between your system and Transportify. Functions like create and manage bookings can be automated which means that you do not have to spend a lot of time in this activity. With just a few clicks, you can already book a delivery vehicle to fulfill your logistics needs. Furthermore, integrating with Transportify is a more convenient and cost efficient way of improving the enterprise logistics capability of your business. You do not have to procure additional vehicles, all you need to do is to link your system with Transportify and you can already create bookings.

Transportify is a known business cargo trucking company for various enterprises. It has the necessary technology and experience to help many companies achieve their goal of delivering goods to customers efficiently. Through systems integration with Transportify, automate delivery processes using your app and achieve optimal logistics performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is API?

📲 Simply stated, API (Application program interface) is a protocol that allows two systems to communicate and share data seamlessly. It links two applications together in order for them to share information quickly and make the work more efficient. For example, a fitness app can do API integration with a GPS application so that users of the fitness app can track their jogging route.

What is enterprise logistics?

📲 Enterprise logistics refers to the entire delivery operations of a company. This is an all-encompassing term that involves logistics operations from getting raw materials up to delivering finished goods to distribution centers or straight to a customer’s home. Transportify is a business logistics provider which can fulfill any kind of delivery needs for companies. It has a wide range of vehicle types and even has a corporate account for businesses who regularly need delivery operations.

Why is API Integration important for logistics?

📲 Because API integration allows for enhanced data transfer and communication between two systems, it is important for logistics because it allows delivery bookings to be automated. For example, a pharmaceutical company can integrate with a logistics app like Transportify so that when a distribution center reaches low stock levels of a certain medicine, a truck can be dispatched from the warehouse to replenish stock levels of that distribution center.


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