Business Cargo Trucking Service for SMEs (2024 Edition)

Business Cargo Trucking Service for SMEs

Starting a business in the Philippines this 2023 was made easily accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs. The government made it more possible by streamlining the process of obtaining requirements and introducing automation in registration procedures. Small and medium enterprise owners may now start building their brand in the market.

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SMEs in the Philippines starts to become the primary driving force in the Philippine economy. Most Filipino entrepreneurs explore the side of making their own money by establishing their own business. SMEs alone created many jobs that significantly define the vitality of development it has in the country.

The rapid growth of SMEs in the country greatly affects the demand for cargo trucking company. Partnering with a reputable and reliable provider for 2023 business cargo deliveries helps achieve ease of business. This article will define the importance of business cargo and business trucking service and discuss the benefits of partnering with a reliable trucking provider and how this can revolutionize your 2023 deliveries.

What Is Business Cargo?

Business cargo refers to the transportation of goods in small or large quantities, depending on the business. Some business cargo deliveries include products that are dedicated to end-users, while some are raw materials transported from their suppliers. It is essential to fulfilling these requirements not to impede the performance of the cargo trucking company services.

What Is a Business Trucking Service?

A business trucking service is a carrier or provider that allows someone to transport goods from point A to point B. This is usually done by trucking companies that specialize in hauling services, and others are focusing on small scale delivery logistics of small and medium businesses. Most businesses, small or large, get trucking logistics for their deliveries—trucking service services as a good way to enter the ever-changing industry of logistics.

Now that you know the basic definition of these essential terms, it is time to discuss the benefits of partnering with a reliable cargo trucking company to handle your business deliveries.


The Benefits of Business Cargo Trucking Service

Why should an SME partner with an established business trucking service for their 2023 deliveries? If you need to know the reason behind this, kindly read on the convincing benefits of having a reputable and reliable business trucking service provider for business deliveries.

1Affordable services

Partnering with traditional trucking service providers requires you to pay more for logistics services. They have binding rules and regulations that carry an upfront cost for your business. More players in the market offer affordable business cargo trucking services but have high quality. You don’t need large buying power to achieve the best business trucking service for your deliveries. This will immediately help your SMEs bring down overhead costs for distribution processes.

On-demand delivery providers like Transportify revolutionized trucking solutions in the marketplace. They offer the best delivery experience with significantly lower costs than the average market price. If you’re wondering about the rates for our business trucking service, please refer to the table below:

Vehicle TypeDimensions/
Weight Limits
Base Price
(Metro Manila)
Base Price
(Outside Metro Manila)
Base Price
wing-van-iconWing Van 32 to 40 x 7.8 x 7.8 ft
12000kg to 28000kg
7000 PHP6500 PHP6500 PHP
6w-fwd-truck-icon6w Fwd Truck18 x 6 x 7 ft
4850 PHP4850 PHP4850 PHP
closed-van-iconClosed Van10 to 14 x 6 x 6 ft
2000kg to 4000kg
1600 PHP1450 PHP1450 PHP
open-truck-iconOpen Truck10 to 21 x 6 ft x open
2000kg and 7000kg
2300 PHP1950 PHP1950 PHP
l300-van-iconL300/Van8 x 4.5 x 4.5 ft
415 PHP330 PHP310 PHP
small-pickup-iconSmall Pickup5 x 5 ft x open
310 PHP250 PHP220 PHP
light-van-iconLight Van5.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 ft
250 PHP192 PHP225 PHP
mpv-iconMPV/SUV5 x 3.2 x 2.8 ft
160 PHP130 PHP140 PHP
sedan-iconSedan3.5 x 2 x 2.5 ft
140 PHP110 PHP120 PHP

With all the extra money from your budget, you can divert and focus on other ways to grow your business.

2Improved logistics

Logistics is considered one of the most stressful factors in the supply chain. Picking up goods, transporting and delivering them on time and in good condition takes a lot of effort. When using a cargo trucking company for 2023 business cargo deliveries, choose a partner with a great fleet network that can support your logistics team from all the stress. Improving logistics will give you more efficient operations and optimize different aspects of your distribution.

3Greater flexibility

Business owners are aware of the highs and lows throughout every year. Seasonal changes in demand and sales are caused by certain holidays and weather conditions. Flexibility in the business requires thorough discussion and planning to avoid having trouble and substantial expenses. If you partner with a business cargo trucking service provider, these business needs will be taken care of no matter how busy. You may start focusing on keeping customers happy and removing the hassle of handling your logistics.

4Less time-consuming

Time is one of the most valuable things on Earth. But for businesses, time means money. Most SMEs handle their orders from start to finish. It can get physically draining and mentally demanding for small business owners, especially during the busiest months of the year. Third-party business trucking services can handle the daily logistics functions of your business. You don’t need to hire more staff and spend more time doing the work. This will give you more time to spend on other essential management issues, connect with customers, and improve your business branding.

5Decreased transport and labor costs

SMEs always aim to obtain the lowest rates for business cargo distribution. Lower shipping costs attract more potential clients to get into your products. This will reduce the substantial loss of business customers who usually abandon their shopping carts when they know that the business cargo rates are very high. As most customers prefer to shop and buy items with low shipping costs, this will surely open your business with many opportunities to grow in the market.

To avoid this scenario this 2023, it is best to partner with reliable and reputable business trucking service providers that offer the most affordable rates in the market. Transportify is an example of a business trucking service provider for small businesses focused on delivering low-quality logistics services at low rates.

Third-party logistics providers will also significantly reduce other related costs in operations, such as benefits and workers’ compensation. You don’t need to spend much on labor; you need to spend right. Partnership with third-party business trucking services is a clear option that fits the budget of small and medium enterprises.

Business Cargo Trucking Service for SMEs in the Philippines

The logistics requirements of SMEs in the Philippines continue to increase as time goes on. On-demand logistics providers fit the business requirements of SMEs that usually go around small scale business deliveries.

If you are looking for an SME partner for your logistics needs, Transportify is the right choice. It is a cargo trucking company that revolutionized the logistics marketplace in the Philippines by offering the most reliable delivery truck service that can be accessed using a mobile application. Today, it is now possible to handle your logistics fleet easily and track and trace your deliveries in real-time using state-of-the-art GPS technology for every booking. The rates of Transportify are guaranteed 40% less than the average market price to give a chance to small businesses to avail of top-quality logistics services for 2023.

Transportify also has a business program comprising different perks and free benefits for partner businesses. It includes monthly post-pay and prepay options, goods insurance worth 3 million powered by OONA Insurance Philippines, process mapping, custom SOP, custom equipment and service, and a dedicated fleet for your business. If you are interested in partnering with us, you may send an email to or message our 24/7 available customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the best business trucking service provider in the Philippines?

🚚 It depends on the type of business you are in. There are many available options for business trucking service providers in the Philippines. Some of these providers focus on hauling, while some have small scale delivery options perfect for SMEs in the Philippines. If your business is looking for the best partner for your deliveries, try the services of Transportify. They specialize in same-day delivery, third-party delivery, on-demand courier delivery, and business delivery services. Their available fleet is Sedan/MPV, L300/Van, Closed Van up to 10w Wing Van for large scale business deliveries.

How does a business cargo delivery help SMEs?

🚚SMEs depend on consistency in materials and products for efficient business performance. These small scale businesses need to have stocks and continued support from their suppliers and a smooth flow of business cargo delivery for their customers. Having these kinds of optimal processes, SMEs can fully utilize unnecessary costs that can be used in other business aspects.


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